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Drill peck
Ice Beam
Surf/Hydro Pump
Hydro Cannon/Flash Cannon
also which one Flash Cannon or Hydro Cannon

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Ok I'm gonna make this short and sweet.
Hydro Pump for Power, Surf for reliability. Ingame I would use Surf.
And Flash Cannon because Surf is your water move.

Hope this helps.

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yeah it is good but I need a power sweeper move so in rough battles
Well if you want outright power use Hydro Pump. With STAB it is just as good as Hydro Cannon and you don't need to rest the next turn. Flash Cannon is your coverage and has the chance to lower their SpDef leaving them even more vulnerable. Plus you get STAB with it.
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I'd stick with surf cuz not only can it be powerful and reliable, but in a double battle, you can nail everybody with that move! Though make sure your partner Pokemon is in the sky or underground so they don't get hit too!

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Surf. it is anexcellent STAB and it can get you around easily.Plus. it is also more accurate.

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i have surf on my samurott and it helped me a lot so I would go for surf

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