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I was thinking leaf blade as one of them, and swords dance as another.


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No need for me to answer. This guy doesn't have anything else. Actually quite a shallow movepool. I am actually starting to think Borderline is his zone. But likely tier: Overused.
Hey everyone think first serperior with perseverity ISN'T OUT YET for the dream world!!!
That doesn't matter. We can still use those abilities on Pokemon Online.
How do you do it?
Can't believe he is NU xD
WIth Contrary, he should be OU.
Will anyone help me with this? How do you vote on this site. Yeah I'm kinda new.
Come to the Chat Room.

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Physical Serperior
Ability: Overgrow
Nature: Adamant (+Atk, -SpA)
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spe, 4 HP/SpD
- Leaf Blade- STAB
- Aqua Tail- defeat fire weakness
- Coil- Boost attack, accuracy, and defense
- Iron Tail- defeat ice weakness

Special Serperior
Ability: Overgrow
Nature: Modest (+SpA,-Atk)
EVs: 252 SpA, 252 Spe, 4 HP/Def
- Giga Drain/Energy Ball- STAB
- Dragon Pulse- dragon type coverage
- Calm Mind- boost Special Attack and Special Defense
- Hidden Power (Rock)- covers most of your weaknesses

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Giga Serperior.

Ability: Overgrow (don´t have access to Contrary ability yet).
Nature: Timid or Modest (preferred but it´s up to you).
EV: 252 Def, 252 Speed, 4 HP (move first to set it up).
Item: Big Root (It works better with this moveset than Leftovers).

Giga Drain - STAB Move, deals damage and recovers some HP, gets a boost from Big Root and Overgrow ability when it has low HP. If it has a chance to increase its Sp. Attk it´ll do more damage.
Calm Mind: Increases Sp. Attk and Sp. Def, this way Serperior will become bulkier and lethal, the more damage it does, the more HP it drains. It can take more hits when hidden behind the Substitute.
Leech Seed: It heals Serperior and with the boost from Big Root, it almost restores all HP lost by using Substitute. In Multi battles, forces a switch and helps the team in case it faints.
Substitute - Protects Serperior against major status problems, critical hits and super effective moves and allows it to set up the strategy. Ideal to use first when you know you cannot hit hard your opponent.


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Serperior @ Grass Gem/Leftovers
Nature: Timid
Ability: Overgrow
EVs: 252 Speed, 252 Attack, 4HP
- Swords Dance (Boost attack)
- Leaf Blade (Powerful, chance for Critical hit)
- Substitute (Predict enemy switch, or see opponents move)
- Return (Good Neutral Damage)

Not the best, but works well for me.

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This is my first grass type Pokemon, hope you all like it!

Nature: Adamant
IVs: Speed

Leaf Blade: Sure!
Toxic: Make them Badly poison and give you 1 turn to heal life.
Leech Seed/Giga drain: If no Leech Seed/Giga Drain, Serperior will easily FAINTED.
Aqua Tail/Iron Tail: Can cover weakness.

Item: Razor Claw/Leftover/Miracle Seed

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Special Serperior (With a hint of Physical damage)
Item: Miracle Seed or Leftovers
Nature: Any
-Giga Drain (Health Restorance.)
-Calm Mind/Energy Ball (Calm Mind for the Sp. Atk and Sp. Def. raise.)
-Aerial Ace/Giga Impact (Aerial Ace for the bug cover and no miss. Giga Impact for the big damage.)
-Leaf Storm/Solarbeam (Leaf storm for great damage but a bad Sp. Atk lowering. Solarbeam for great damage but charge up.)
Pretty good moveset if you ask me.

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They finally checked it. Now if they could do it a little bit faster...
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Try this set. I'm thinking it will work well. My Serperior has a set very close to this one.

Items: Light Clay/Big Root

Light Screen- For dual-screening. Surpresses special attacks.

Reflect- As mentioned above. Surpresses physical attacks

Leech Seed- Steals your opponents HP and replaces your with some. Works well with the big root.

Toxic/Giga Drain/Leaf Blade- For this one you can pick which one suits your Serperior the most. If it's attack stat is higher than special attack, go with Leaf Blade. If not, just go with
Giga Drain. Toxic is just a great move to work with Leech Seed, but I wouldn't suggest using it with all the Taunt users nowadays. Oh yeah I forgot, if you go with Leaf Blade or Toxic, don't use the Big Root because you won't be using it to it's full advantage. Use it if you are using Giga Drain.

Here's a physical set.

Leaf Blade- Overall great move. This is a must.

Dragon Tail- If you don't like your foe, switch them out. Works well with a teammate with moves of spikes, toxic spikes, and stealth rock, so basically a fortress. Sorry I couldn't think of the name. Also good base power for this type of move

Swords Dance- Yeah this move should have been listed first, but it slipped my mind. It's another must for any physical sweeper.

Iron Tail/Aerial Ace/Taunt/Synthesis- If you really want an all physical attack set, don't use Taunt or Synthesis, Though out of these four, I would go with Synthesis, well because grass types have many weaknesses, specifically, five. Iron Tail and Aerial Ace are for coverage and Taunt is for all those walls with only status moves. Yeah it makes me laugh when I make walls struggle to the death.

Next, I could list a Contrary set, but it's pretty obvious that Leaf Storm is a must, and the rest are basically fillers. Well then, yep! That's it. Until next time, see ya!

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Serperior @ Miracle Seed/Mystic Water/Big Root/Scope Lens
Trait: Overgrow
EV's: 344 Spd / 273 SpAtk / 255 Def / 250 SpDef
Role: Mixed Sweeper
Frenzy Plant/Leaf Blade
Aerial Ace/Giga Drain
Rock Smash/Dragon Tail
Iron Tail/Aqua Tail

Frenzy Plant is VERY powerful. If using Leaf Blade You've got that increased Crit Hit chance, with the Scope Lens that makes it even EASIER. Giga Drain is Recommended but you can go with Aerial Ace. I recommend Dragon Tail over Rock Smash because you can cover your type disadvantages. Aqua Tail would be best for the last move. :D

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1. 510 EVs total, 252 per stat
2. Frenzy Plant isn't worth it, and two Grass STABs aren't necessary
But I had a moveset similar to this just not the iron/aqua tail and My serperior kicked ass
can only have 510 EVs total
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i think serperiors attacks should be


this is because I have a serperior of my own.

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my opinion that I used on my serperior is these

giga drain (for gaining life and destroying water Pokemon)
leech seed ( to help destroy the enemy)
toxic (to add onto leech seed)
protect (to slowly kill ur opponent)

my serperior never lost a battle yet :))

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And it shouldn't. Nice set!
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I don't know if someone has this Sorry(to bored to read ALL comments) but some good moves Serperior are:
Coil(bunch of birds with physical attacks and it really gets tougher to beat him.
LeafBlade ( you saw this coming)
Aerial Ace( use coil and trainers start to worry)
Return( the more on uses coil the more fun he or she has)

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Trait: Overgrow

EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 SDef

Jolly Nature

  • Coil

  • Aqua Tail

  • Leaf Blade

  • Outrage

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White 2
First you have to be a very Good Explorer(my case) or a Hacker... To have the best Serperior Move-Set:
Aqua Tail: Beat is Principal opponent: FIRE
Outrage: The Best Dragon Move
Swords Dance: Awesome Attack Boost
Leaf Blade: Serperior's best Grass Move
Item: Lum Berry or Scope Lens...
Ability: Overgrow: Imagine a Leaf Blade with this Ability activated...
Good Luck!

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I've been thinking...

Serperior @ Leftovers
Trait: Contrary
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spd
Timid Nature

  • Substitute
  • Leaf Storm
  • Hidden Power [Rock]
  • Dragon Pulse

Substitute allows you to get up a couple of boosts without letting him get hit. Leaf Storm + Contrary = Insane Boosts with power! HP Rock covers a lot of weaknesses. Dragon Pulse is mainly filler and hits dragons that resist it's STAB.

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EV train HP:100 SPA:255 SPE:155

have its ability as contrary which will prevent most stat reduction, and will reverse otherwise negative effects

Leaf storm (Huge power and with an already high SPA it will dish high damage to start and with contrary it will boost SPA and it has STAB)

Giga Drain (If you need you can regen, will also deal lots of damage if you boost SPA with leaf storm)

Substitute (keeps you from taking major damage in the beginning of the fight, lets you set up SPA boosts)

Reflect/Light screen (boosts DEF and SPD when you cant with any other moves)

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to keep Serprior alive for a long time...

Big root\leftovers

giga drain (restore hp, big root makes it so you heal more) or
leaf blade (quick sweeping move, to quickly win the fight)
aerial ace (all ways hit, cover bug type weakness)
leech seed (drains a tiny bit of hp every turn)
coil (bost defence, attack and accuracy by 1)

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wow, this Pokemon is popular, anyways here's mine
shiny: yes
Swords dance
leaf blade
aqua tail
ariel ace/return/toxic

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Big Root
Rash Nature (Does not need sp def as much as sp att)

Leaf Storm (Boosted by STAB and boosts sp att due to contrary)

Giga Drain (Great used after boosting your power because it heals more)

Dragon tail ( In case of dragon types or the case a Pokemon serperior is weak againist comes into play which usually hurt serperior badly because it can only learn Flying only due to aerial ace, Grass, Dragon only due to dragon tail , Fighting only due to rock smash and Normal moves making it have a puny variety of ways to cover its weaknesses)

Hidden power (This Pokemon NEEDS a few odd moves like rypherior who can learn thunderbolt or whirlpool as of some generations but serperior has very few different move types so hidden power solves that by giving him a good move I would say rock type hidden power is most effective crushing many types serperior is weak to in fact 4 out of 5 of grass weaknesses are covered by rock type moves)

252 Sp Att 128 Defence 128 Hp

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I'm not sure if this works, just experimenting with my Serperior.
Serperior (F) @ Big Root
Leech seed (You already know why this is here)
Dragon Tail (Allows you to scout)
Protect/Aerial Ace/Leaf Storm (Aerial Ace is coverage and Leaf Storm is STAB. Protect for trolls)
Timid nature, +speed -attack
Ability- Overgrow. It's okay if it's not female, just makes attract useless.

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Ability: Contrary
Item: big root
Nature: Modest
EV: 252 Sp.A, 252 speed
Leafstorm: awesome with contrary
Giga drain: Restore HP
Glare: paralisis
Hidden power (Rock): Covers almost all weaknesses
Serperior is the best starter ever

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Here's a nice little set:


[email protected] Leftovers/Big Root
Ability: Contrary
EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 Spe
Timid Nature
- Substitute
- Giga Drain
- Leaf Storm
- Hidden Power

I call it… SubStorm Serperior. If you get a free switch to bring in Serp, you can get that Sub up and Leaf Storm to your heart's content. Giga Drain is for recovery, while a Hidden Power of your choice provides some coverage.

Serperior will never be a "good" Pokémon, but it might be able to find a niche somewhere… maybe?

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Serperior is BANNED from UU so it's somewhat decent.
Your set is nowhere a gimmick but Serperior desperately needs Hidden Power. Like, badly.
Serperior itself is a gimmick. The poor thing doesn't even work as a glass cannon most ov the time, since it relies on getting a +2 from the first Leaf Storm and not being KOed in between. Not to mention that solid Grass typing isn't the best.