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Assuming you have all the powerups, max level, and charged up the styler?

Note: Do NOT answer with the styler level because that is not the answer; the question asks for the maximum power :P

Hopefully my edit makes it clearer :3

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99 is the max level, not the max power.
I think I could answer this if someone can confirm there are 60 powerups.
I know that it's not 205. I've done more than that.
And if you read, that's for a Level 46 Styler.
I can't be sure but ;o
(Yes i bothered to upload it)

Also at StarPower when you said that you were at level 47 and did more, I went to a friend's place today and checked their Almia cause I could and they finished everything, at level 50 and was only doing 210... so I'm not sure how? :L
Is there any equation to this? Hard or easy I'll just damn do it. ._.
Okay just saying i went on youtube, watched through 2 or 3 different almia walkthroughs - there is no change or variation in power increase. This means that the power level at 99 is always the same and that is the 'max'. So I'm pretty sure the answer is 357 (i went on an emulator, punched in the hack to get to 99 and thats the answer as well...) so I have no idea how someone would have higher then that at level 47. :L
You've hacked the thing, post it as an answer again. It's probably right then.
You didn't include the charging of the styler and boosts that occur in specific situations.
Like there's a powerup where you get boosted Styler power when you are at low energy.

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Okay so the maximum base is 357 (I hope and if it isn't i'm going to flip a table)
In the case where the energy is in orange (Latent power activates), at Charge level 2 and also after 6 uninterrupted loops (Combo bonus effect) and also factoring power plus which is in base power anyway the max should be 1400.
In a proportional comprison to a level 50, base 210 power, when in orange energy level (I was at 9) it goes up to 312, in charge 2 orange energy level goes up to 722 and the combo bonus takes it up to 824.
Do the maths. it works. :L
And if this is wrong I'm going to flip Mewderator.
And please don't ask me if it should be proportional ._. It either goes up in percentage increments or set values. Nintendo isn't going to change the specific amount of increase for every level. If it goes up by set value the maximum would be 961.
Actually doing the maths makes it 1400.8, close enough

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