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Which one should I choose in Black 2?


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this is for in game only so I wont do ev


this guy is awesome for a surfer

ability : solid rock
nature : brave

surf : I'm doing this set for a surfer so ... duh
water fall : in game so dosen't really mater to have two water type attack especially if its these two hm
earthquake/stone edge/super power : take wich ever you prefer
shell smash/curse : I know most people gonna chose shell smash but still curse is a good alternative if you rather play safe


this guy kill everything and anything all by itself at the price of a few fullrestore or maxpotion

ability : defeatist ... the idea must be from the same guy who came up with truant ... idiot
nature : lonely/naughty

fly : is the flyer of your team
earthquake : no comment are needed there cause its earthquake so ... next
dragon claw/outrage/dragon tail/u-turn : dragon claw for reliability , outrage if you just want to anniylate everything even at the risque of having defeatist show its ugly face plus the confused status wich can be a DEADLY cobination of problem for archeops , dragon tail is for switching the ennemie if thing become dangerous , u-turn is for swtching archeops if things get dangerous

so its your choice which one of the two you need the most
[1]: http://img.pokemondb.net/sprites/black-white/anim/normal/carracosta.gif
[2]: http://img.pokemondb.net/sprites/black-white/anim/normal/archeops.gif

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cover fossil= carracoasta (my choice)
plume fossil= archeops (okay I guess)

carracoasta is boss with its amazing stats and guess what its got Shell Smash
yeah so if the word carracoasta doesnt mke you want to explode I dont know what would make you

source I have archeops I dont like him he'll sit in your pc for days (dont do that to archen (do it to bidoof))

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Depends on the other pokemon on your team and what you want. If you want a bulkier pokemon who can take a hit or two but needs to set up to deal out real damage, go with carracosta. If want to hit hard and fast right of the bat and can keep archeops from getting hit go with him. I choose archeops, but that's mainly because I needed a flyer, not because of any preference
thanks BROtad