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I was on the dreamworld then after like 20 minute I wasnt able to find any Pokemon or item anymore?

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it was like 21h30 or 22h00 I was trying to find a magikarp so I was looking only in the sparkling sea and I wasnt playing with the Pokemon that appear there cause they didint interrest me then after a few time I noticed no more Pokemon or item were appearing ... and I didint even get my magikarp ... so anyone know what append ?

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This is normal. Usually the Dream World "expires" after visiting the Island of Dreams 5 or more times, and no more Pokemon or items appear after that. You will have to wait a day to visit the Island of Dreams again.

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thanks i didint know that ... why isnt it written anywere in the global link site ... maybe because its nintendo they just dont give a damn ...
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It sounds like you may have traveled over the whole map without going to the Tree of Dreams. Go there and hit exit or whichever option sends you back home. You can then go back to the Island of Dreams and look again, though there is a chance you could go somewhere other than Sparkling Sea (but this can be influenced by the type of Pokemon you have).

Anyway, just return home and go back as many times as you need to, you can play on the Island of Dreams for the full hour you're online OR until you make a wish for a Pokemon to return with you. Also, if you play with every Pokemon and wait until the last five minutes to make a wish, you will see all of the Pokemon you encountered today, but only from today.

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