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I've got a Lombre but since it will take a while for him to evolve since I need a Water Stone is kind of putting me off of him and he doesn't really learn any grass moves by level up and my team is gonna end up half water since I choose Mudkip and later on I will get Kyogre.
I don't want a Breloom cause I used one in Ruby that I recently finished.
I just began Sapphire so I need it now not after I beat the Elite Four or something.
Any help?

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I'm assuming you don't have Sceptile?
What about seedot-nuzleaf-shiftry?they are interesting and srong pokémon.
no, I was gonna choose sceptile, but then i decided that when i get emerald i will have all 3 starters, in emerald i will choose torchic, i will send a treecko egg and a mudkip egg over to emerald.

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Shiftry :D

enter image description here
Shiftry's stats
enter image description here

Suggested Movesets
enter image description here (Competitive, just putting this here for others)

Giga Drain (Provides healing)
Brick Break (Makes use of the attack stat, and Ice Coverage)
Shadow Ball
Sucker Punch (Priority)

Meh, you're picky ;P


Catch a Cacnea at the desert then train it up and evolve it. Cacturne is definetly a physical attacker so catch a Cacnea with a high attack.


  • Sucker punch
  • Needle Arm
  • Brick Break
  • (Filler)
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I cant wait till after the elite four, cause i  need it for during the game not after the elite four
But thanks anyway scizor :D
Artist i made an edit...
I said Cacturne
Yeah (filler)
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If you're going with Lombre, I recommend doing this:

1 - Breed a Lotad that knows Razor Leaf (egg move)

2 - Have it learn Giga Drain, if you want an optional choice Water pulse, both learned via TM. TMs are 3-Water Pulse and 19-Giga Drain.

3 - If you spring for Water Pulse (TM) or Hydro Pump (Level 49 of gen 3), get Rain Dance. Both of Lotad's/Lobre's/Ludicolo's normal abilities boost in rain. I prefer Rain Dish of its healing abilities.

4 - Train Lotad/Lombre with Macho Brace for a better Pokemon

5 - Once you get the desired goal evolve Lombre to Ludicolo.

In other words, the end result would show something like this:
Ability Rain Dish

Razor Leaf
Rain Dance
Giga Drain
Water Pulse/Hydro Pump

This may not be the best, but I hope I helped.

Ik not going with lotad anymore, I decided to use an oddish, but thanks anyway :D *upvote*
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Breloom, Vileplume, Cacturne and Cradily are all solid grass types in Pokemon Sapphire. Breloom and Cacturne are physical sweepers and cover different types. Vileplume has always been a good special sweeper. Cradily is a really good tanky Pokemon.