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Trickery is a Dark-type attack that uses the opponent's Attack stat against them. It has a base 95 BP, 100 Accuracy, Physical allignment, and 15 PP.

Let's say that Zoroark is fighting against a Rampardos. Rampardos have ridiculously high Attack. Before Rampardos came into play, Zoroark was beat up pretty badly from that Machamp that switched in before, and one attack will probably KO it.

You look at your move list: Return won't do much. Dig is bad, in case it's packing Earthquake. Pursuit just isn't strong enough...Oh?Trickery! Use this powerful Dark-type attack to turn Rampardos' Base 165 Attack stat AGAINST IT. And BAM, you get the KO.

Long story; short, for this attack, the damage calculation is made from your opponent's Attack, not yours. Attack boosts for your opponent also apply, but keep note that your own Swords Dance / Claw Sharpen won't power up Trickery at all.

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And what if they have low attack is my main question?
Say, using Trickery on a Pokemon like Chansey? Then it would do extremely minimal damage, seeing as Chansey only has Base 5 Attack.

Just think of it as the opponent using Trickery on itself.
Where did you get this info from, Will? I've seen several places state that Trickery only applies to Fighting type pokemon...
"It uses the opponent's strength. The higher the fighting opponent's attack is, the greater the damage."

What threw people off was the inclusion of the word, "fighting."
OK, but do you have a reliable source that says it's NOT for fighting-types? Have you tried this move yourself?
A Nintendo representative at the Black & White Tour said that Trickery would take your opponent's stats into account, but not JUST in the way of their Defense. It also stated this in the July Issue of CoroCoro.

It's also been confirmed in Smogon's Official B&W Research Thread, as seen here:


Hit Ctrl+F, type in "Trickery." The confirmation will be before your eyes.