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I'm playing Red right now, and in gen 1 I've noticed that sometimes when you use a stat move or something like that it sometimes says "It didn't affect the foe's (Pokemon name)" or something like that. Why is that?

I'm looking on this.

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The only reason I could see why this would happen is the following:

  • Your using status moves that match the opponents type
    (Will-o-wisp on a Fire Type or Sleep Powder on a grass type)
  • The opponents ability prevents status
  • Its a early game Glitch, remember Gamefreak are just getting into the swing of programming.

EDIT: Speed Freak had the same problem here and some answered saying it may of been a glitch.

If its none of these then i'm not sure :/

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well, like sometimes they would use Growl or Leer or sand-attack on my ivysaur  or pikachu and it would say "But it failed" or something like that