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Lets start with a Tauros with Anger Point. and a Froslass with Frost Breath.
The Froslass is Adamant and the tauros is Adamant
Turn 1. Tauros uses ???. Froslass uses Frost Breath on Tauros tauros anger point activated.
Turn 2. Tauros goes ¨MAD!

Froslass @ Leftovers
Trait: Cursed Body
EVs 252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 hp
Adamant Nature

  • Psych up
  • Frost Breath
  • Wake-Up Slap
  • Ice Shard

I know Phycical atacker Froslass sounds weird but she is the only one that fist this set I think. I think Regice Fits this role tobut with out Wake-Up-Slap and Ice Shard.

Tauros @ Choice Band / Leftovers / Life Orb
Trait: Anger Point
EVs 252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 hp
Adamant Nature

  • Earthquake
  • Rock Slide
  • ???
  • ???

Help with the last two moves, thx.

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I've tried this before and it didn't work for me but I didn't use Froslass
^ same here
Hey you stole this from me
stole what? I did this the first time I ever got frost breath.
Liar PX XD. I bet you read what Frost Breath was before finding out what it '.'
I've seen it work. Guy used a Smeargle with frost breath, though. Of course, after (with a little light screen and follow me support) he absolutely ruined the other guy. Needs a fair bit of setup, but it works.

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In double or triple battles, there are strategies employed that involve the use of Anger Point, where Pokemon such as Tauros or Primeape are partnered with Pokemon with Frost Breath or Storm Throw, both of which guarantee a critical hit.

Smogon on Anger Point

The thing about this is: Tauros needs to survive a critical hit. It has a base Sp. Def of 70 and a base HP of 75, which are both mediocre, and since it's a sweeper, you'll invest all its EVs in speed & Atk.

With base 110 speed, it'll outspeed most things, but its usage will be short lived after a critical hit from an, albeit weak, STAB move. You can't use protect on Tauros either, because then Froslass can't hit it, you can't give it a Focus Sash because Frost Breath might hit hard but it most likely won't OHKO Tauros.

Additionally, there's the speed tie between Frosslass and Tauros. What if Tauros went first, Anger Point doesn't activate so its Attack isn't maxed, gets hit by your opponent, then Frosslass hits it with Frost Breath, which most likely means it gets KO'd.

You can avoid the speed tie, though, by giving Froslass Jolly nature.

Unlike the Beat Up/ Justified strategy, Tauros isn't being hit by a move it's resistant to.

There's so many things to consider; there would need to be some set up before this, e.g. Dual Screens.

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I REALLY like this answer. I'll attempt this strategy and see how bad I fail.
^ Keep us posted on that.
I'd like one link where you pull it off :D Not a diary of it XD
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My suggestion would be to teach Tauros Endure and Retaliate and have it hold a Sitrus Berry or maybe Leftovers. That way Froslass will still hit Tauros but you don't have to worry about being KOed by attacks, and if Froslass gets KOed, you have a STAB Retaliate. Maybe give Froslass something like a Focus Sash or even BrightPowder aswell to increase her survival chances.