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In other Words......I realise that when I unfuse my Level 80 white Kyurem, my Reshiram is back to level 70 while only Kyurem is at level 80....Should I train Reshiram to level 80 then fuse them back for best stats or it doesnt matter?

Yes I had actually tested this myself and regardless of Reshirams level Kyurem will get a certain amount of stat boost. However....the better Kyurem stats is the better the fusion will be.

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The levels, EVs, IVs, nature, and all that come from Kyurem.
Just use a Level 1 Reshiram with a Level 100 Kyurem, and you'll still get a Level 100 Kyurem-W with all the EVs, IVs, and Nature of the original Kyurem.

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