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My brother gave me a liberty ticket in pokemon white (R4), but you can also use pokegen if you have an r4. Here is the link to download pokegen.. http://projectpokemon.org/pokegen/
remove "What is the ar code for liberty pass" Because that have already been asked

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Wild victini in PKMN white:

94000130 fffb0000
c0000000 0000002f
12250030 000001ee
dc000000 00000004
d2000000 00000000

Liberty Pass:

94000130 fffb0000
b2000024 00000000
e001d0bc 00000a94
e97e0000 31b05271
e2cc8e42 67dbafc5
ef2cfc33 cac5fc5e
993debd6 cba77abc
91785dd6 618d27a6
cfb81692 3080375d
48fb407c fee73213
3d69dfa3 1d29639e
6296ea8d a3979268
6e031c49 aa8931aa
c3ead3c5 e0c682d9
4e3b945c 24285a5f
bfe1fbb3 007f7b8e
c84840c4 38b6bfd1
fb23903b be347d23
706ada00 ba84dfc5
60a1e414 8f382b2b
4160b6a0 f0091636
260eb54b 7b43b6a8
68eff9cb 745fafd4
e061c3be 84f19895
246211ba a7c4cc80
a855b7a2 a2421c5c
ad05863a b01911d2
4ee957fd 451bba60
34a9172e 09662d93
a1e0112d 73c44274
f2232b0b a6542843
c042cb60 7169d662
3dcd8d5b a0b18793
7ed91119 f699b466
be037d3a 39f040ec
dcb5878f f9c9d1b0
a3a70bdc eba67be7
87a9abd4 07d244e5
f69ecb05 480e24d3
70cbfc00 2c6f809f
f251cb8f 6a864f33
70f74b09 6ac05de8
722debe7 3810683c
fd4d8097 c5caf6c3
6e237690 afd1395b
ebaf9da7 d8f550a3
8728109f 8b96baad
47211341 00acd686
a3def84a 706ab5e0
34916795 1225a5e9
9c3d9358 aea13692
e7983048 a5d6a332
081b4d15 6d0e2de8
59c4acf1 134b93a9
4776393b b90c4d06
230a5e25 e3b7f2fb
37c4acae 46dd83b0
4766ba0c 64a18bf6
1321c7ea 454c101e
18014f9b 79e344d1
28b199b0 f60be643
53958c71 ac9812a5
a38a4c59 f42e8adf
0f260de5 922a4a7d
184330af 8fc1aae7
dfbef7ba 3d6a85d4
b17c730f 08790b00
4cad6e88 070c3d1c
6c5479ea 5e2a4a06
54065e39 e628323a
64f19448 b14e7387
ff1f908f 58baab05
32fcf840 33846245
0715139b dc237bca
56211181 a80ff2b8
8945f047 f5a7e1ca
b2941fcc 74530589
cbd430ce caed2dbb
1d872578 405c5218
1228373e 4a813e43
f9b525ed 275708f7
816d63fd e455ca80
e3dab429 7817466d
15110c41 d23c7c83
6f38d13e 059154f4
a349c096 f06edbd1
f2141ad1 0760bfbc
f18ae35c 260707e0
6237499d 8a413525
d9108f46 5d8842a0
416effee 70983948
7b5acddd 0d544aef
9a0ae826 02eaa86f
86ab1dfb 50348723
0b61233c 10610999
8a8b4a50 8dd4ff85
e64b0738 9f4bb0f7
5c448fe0 b34328d0
59a52db8 2d9bb271
8b661483 fb777eb6
aed1d26e 8166a422
e644ad64 47c6ee5b
963481a0 096730d8
0e74f583 086f10d8
83b716a7 cd7c7a95
1d53b433 b50f35b9
1b470a70 ef274d10
c363fbbb 97918fd0
c6c4ae9c 2725f31e
ac7ab83f 1f21bcc5
fc5a140f 2f7fe8e6
c00f0cf1 76c8e681
6c1bd7dc 7cb9062a
551b43ae 33231ffc
354e923d 2112a4cd
8657cead 1c318ea2
b3413501 346ce465
66c47ef3 b5d6c4d5
79c62a07 64cd2cbd
46230add 585cec68
61b1c1c6 16df8053
057de49a d8edc124
a55bf1c8 16719eda
7b9d60ae c21a5b46
0d22632a d6f4f7b9
e9912c71 1c57c9ff
2be6d11e 43ff6c8b
7f2d148e c67c7df3
ab8db76a 21cce39d
ef881b84 5e4583ba
a98150e6 fdb8aa73
157de028 b8d38e62
232de602 aec6a844
a82b5421 eb29d1eb
72846b3d 661d6079
ff76c26a e2b0adca
da796faf 4f85c532
e88325d4 8db42767
23885b80 c1eed9c0
8a40cf82 93e534a0
482cfe6e ffea252c
59d95d6b 9ed6d643
31666e4b 882ef4af
1f4400dc 32810297
833d357d f6156e38
09b614f3 15c25fd4
7938d17c 721c72e9
d42c0525 4ad7cea6
d2e58158 b267519a
f9e383b8 97e6c4ae
d0566431 8b3b4954
fae01049 9f777700
3e9fe7bc 0f81dbd7
b069ce48 88f6d4a6
945986c4 414af016
b18aab77 3932511c
1e22d7a7 5245c4b6
c791d66f 1ae17ed3
3b1aead5 744bb292
7293851b 771979af
a968f955 39d4bf39
7de50b3b 5dd82188
e2b36340 867fff6e
a4a340e2 1e7e24ac
88aafe43 0f8ec9a7
462c38f9 504eda5b
e17cb421 6c67b88f
2aa347b9 6af0ed4a
6460712f b7147d85
57705935 eef2d621
560e62d6 bcc3831a
f3bd97ce 1e4225fd
75448615 be475f96
3cfa62bc 44b5a0ee
b74385fc c0961774
00000000 00000000
d2000000 00000000

There are the AR codes! Hope I helped!

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