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This is a mono-poison team I decided to make.
Party : Nidoking, Drapion, Gengar, Crobat, Tentacruel, and Roserade. On to the movesets:
Nidoking:Such a cool pokemon, he's been one of my favorite pokemon since generation one. He's got nicely balanced stats, and a HUGE movepool, so it's almost impossible to predict his exact moveset.

Earthquake-A STAB move, deals with steel types who are immune to poison. Also deals with opposing poison types that would otherwise absorb the spikes.

Toxic Spikes-Lets me set up poison without wasting lots of time.

Thunderbolt/-nice move, deals with water weakness, and takes out annoying water types. Also deals with flying types that don't get poisoned by Toxic spikes.

Shadow Claw/Ice beam/Stealth Rock-Deals with psychic or ground weakness. Though I hate it, Stealth rock would do a lot here. Stealth Rock is perfect for flying types tha would bypass toxic spikes.
Drapion:this guy would be my lead since he has the bulk to take a few hits, his main job is to set up toxic spikes, heal up a bit, then set it up again if needed. I'm thinking of giving him leftovers so he can heal after taking hits setting up.

Toxic Spikes-I want to have this on two pokemon, just in case...

Aqua tail-Covers his ground weakness.

X Scissor-Deals with annoying Dark or psychic types who try to fight back.

Claw Sharpen/Swords dance/Whirlwind/Night slash-claw sharpen would make aqua tail really accurate, swords dance boosts power, whirlwind spreads poison to everyone when they switch, or night slash can spam out critical hits with his ability.
Roserade: one of the few Grass/Poison types that doesn't suck. her poison point ability would be perfect if she had better defense.

Leaf Storm/giga drain-My team will involve quite a bit of switching, so the stat drop won't be an issue. Giga drain is good because of the higher power now in gen 5.

Leech Seed-Can sap health and force switches on the foe. Used to heal teammates a bit.

Venom Shock-The main move this team is about. Coming off of her huge special attack, this will do a ton of damage. also STAB.

hidden power [Rock]-already bred one with this type at 70 base power. this covers everything but psychic weakness, but I have Drapion for that.
Gengar:This guy has been and always will be a beast. He defines powerful.

Venom Shock-a STAB venom shock from him will stop anything dead in its tracks.

shadow ball-STAB, covers ghost weakness.

Focus Blast-Deals with Dark types, but more importantly, takes out any steel types who might be immune to poison (most of which have high defense and low special defense, making this the perfect move)

Dark pulse/Destiny Bond/psychic-Dark pulse gives more coverage, destiny bond takes out another pokemon when he's weak. Psychic deals with poison types.
Tentacruel:My defensive guy. I use him to stall things out at let the poisons take effect.

Surf-Does lots of damage, STAB.

toxic/Ice beam-Just in case I come across a flying type. Ice beam will cover ground weakness. psychic types go against Drapion and electric types go up to nidoking.

Barrier-Boosts up defense.

Protect/Venom Shock-I can stall things out with him, or Venom shock to simply take them down.
Crobat: this guy goes well with any team. And with that nice speed, I had to include him. I may change the team to have reflect and light screen so he can have a better chance of setting things up.

Nasty plot-boost things up.

Venom Shock. a devastating attack coming off of double power, STAB, nasty plot boosts, and a helpful item I might give him.

Hidden power[Steel]-Deals with rock/Ice weakness. Leave electric and psychic to Nidoking and Drapion. I didn't want to use steel wing since it wouldn't get a nasty plot boost.

U-Turn/Air Slash-It might be physical, but it's a nice get in get out move. I can use it when I predict an electric or psychic move coming, then switch do nidoking or Drapion. The main drawback is that it loses the nasty plot boosts. Air slash is a pretty strong STAB.

The basic strategy involves me poisoning the foe and using status based moves, like evil eye, and more importantly, venom shock. By using Venom shock on a poisoned pokemon, including STAB, would look something like this:
65 base power

65X2=130X1.5=195 base power, plus any life orb damage, and stat boosts.

To combat the common steel type, I've got plenty of super effective moves ready to take them down. I've also got ground and poison moves to deal with any poison types my opponent might have. most pokemon I've tested this with are left with very little health from one Venom Shock, but the poison deals with the rest.

-Can you recommend any different pokemon that would be of any use? (I'm open to non poison types as well, to adapt it in a regular battle scene)

-Can you think of any major Flaws in this strategy?

-Any suggestions to change the movesets?

-Any other comments you can think of?

Sorry about the question being so long. :0

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Wow, this is a late comment. No to HP Steel. Give it HP Fighting, which is btter in very way.

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Good Team. I Still Have A Few Things To Suggest Though. I'll Give Sets For This Great Team.

Nidoking: Hes Good. Maybe Through in Outrage but if not, your ok.

Drapion: MAKE SURE YOU GIVE IT Earthquake! Its The Best Move, and only known by one of your team mates. Its Perefect for Drapion.

Roserade: Giag Drain instead of Leaf Storm. Now. Giga Drain has 75 Base Power now, Plus Healing +Big Root would be powerful.

Gengars good.

Crobats Good.

Tentacruels good too, nice job!

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Wow, very nice manipulation of an overlooked move, DT! Definitely put Toxic Spikes with Whirlwind on Drapion for the Lead. It will ensure that Venom Shock is put to good use.

However, I wouldn't use Rain Dance with Tentacruel. It does benefit both hin and Nidoking, but the chances of there being Swift Swim sweeper on the opponent's team is rather high, and with doubled Speed and boosted power toward Nidoking's weakness, it'd be a bad idea to send in Nidoking to sweep with 100% Thunder. The only way to get around this is to clear out any swift swimmers the opponent may have.

Other than those concerns, though, it's great! Nobody will expect HP [Steel] on Crobat either. Very well done!

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If you are going to use toxic spikes best you should use it twice so it will badly posion. I like crobat but I like think that air slash is a good complemant to nasty plot but U-turn is pretty good but you lose nasty plot effect. I woud also suggest repacing tentacruel and adding a non-poison type like weavile who can perfectly combat both weaknesses of posion with ice punch adn nightslash. other than that this is a great team.

If I apply this to a non mono-poison team, I'll probably use Weavile.
Plus weavile looks evil like posion types do