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Sceptile(the physical sweeper)

leaf blade
rock slide
swords dance

Torterra(the Physical tank)

wood hammer
stone edge

Roserade(The special sweeper)

energy ball
shadow ball
sludge bomb

Cradilily(i don't know a moveset can some one help)

Ludicolo(the special tank)

energy ball
ice beam

Tyranitar(the non-grass type for the team that deals with there weaknesses also a physical tank)

stone edge

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No Fake Out on Ludicolo? Fake Out is like that ratty first kidney punch from the rough-and-tough Brooklyn movies. USE THE BROOKLYN PUNCH. :D

Also, I don't really see any point in Tyranitar being there. You've got Rock-type attacks on almost all of your Pokemon, so you can use another Grass-type to make this team Mono.

You've got sweepers and tanks on both ends, I'm liking that. Maybe make Cradily a stall, with:

Recover / Ingrain
Energy Ball / Giga Drain (Only if you have Ingrain)
Ancientpower / Stockpile

Confuse Ray

For a sixth Grass-type, you'd want a mixed sweeper, a wall of some kind, or a supporter.

Meganium can set up Dual Screens, and then stall with Leech Seed, Body Slam, and Big Root.
Shiftry makes a good Mixed Sweeper, being fast, and strong in both attacking stats. Plus, it can counter a weakness with Extrasensory! IThe rest of its movepool is pretty fitting too.
As for a wall, you've got me stumped. Grass-types aren't good for walling. Maybe another tank, like Leafeon?

All in all, this is pretty good for a Grass-type team. There's not really much strategy to it, which isn't a common thing for Grass-type teams. It's more of a team that's built to muscle through opponents. Not a bad thing, just uncommon.

Took the whole answer out my head, you Alakazam!
But I like tyranitar:(