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In Pokemon Platinum are there any trainers with Pokemon that know surf?

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After the National Pokedex is obtained, you can go to Survival Area by traveling on Route 225. When you go in the Battleground, if Wake is there, you can challenge him, and his new LUDICOLO will know the move Surf.

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thanks,I needed it for a Smeargle
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Since you mention in the comments that you asked this question for Smeargle, a great way for him to learn any move is to do a double battle.

Have Smeargle plus the pokemon you want to copy the move from (it must have higher speed than Smeargle), then find someone to double battle with (north of Solaceon Town is a pair you can call up on the versus checker).

Then get your first pokemon to do the move, and Sketch it with Smeargle.

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thanks but I already knew that,I am trying to get to the Pokemon legue from the start of the game using only 5 level 1 Pokemon and not using the computer.
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Cynthias milotic, crasher wakes ludicolo... there are HEAPS!!!

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