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Ex. "A fateful encounter" or "This Pokemon was apparently friends with a certain trainer."
(said in the status part of the PKMN summary)

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Do you mean what are the many ways to catch a PKMN, like his the Pokedex says? You might need to clarify your question.
Yeah, edit your question and i might be able to answer.

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There are only the ones that you said and some more.
"A fateful encounter"
"This Pokemon apparently friends with a certain trainer"
"Apparently met at (Insert level of Pokemon)"
"Apparently arrived at (Insert level of Pokemon)"
"Egg recieved"
"Recieved at daycare couple"
"Egg aparently hatched"
"Met at (Insert level of Pokemon)"
"Egg obtained"
These are the only ways it is said

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Can a pokemon have more than one?
fairly simple, No
You forgot "Apparently owned by a strong trainer" (I may have got that wrong, but its very close to that) you can get this by catching memory link pokemon owned by N