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I strongly dislike ash and his Pikachu. I want to know whether he has ever lost a major battle, totally epic failed, or gotten pwned, so I can make him look like a total n00b in my fanfic that I'm writing. His other Pokemon are pretty good though...

Yeah...Ash can be an epic fail sometimes, but he's so innocent I can't hate him?! It's...it's just too amusing watching him fail over and over to hate him! Cilan and his 'equisite flavours' get on my nerves though...and don't get me started on how AWESOME Pikachu is. How can you possibly hate him?! (That was a rehtorical question...because it shouldn't have an answer...)
upvoted both of the answers cause ash SUCKS!!!  what is all of his level pkmn??? cause i have a level 100 team that that 7 year old could NEVER beat!!!!
Still, his other pokemon aren't bad...( Gible, Charizard, Sewaddle...)
My Pikachu, lv.100 and with perfect ivs cant beat a froakie.

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He has lost many battles...

  • Brock
  • Lt. Surge
  • Whitney
  • Sabrina
  • Blaine
  • Brawly
  • Roark
  • Fantina
  • Lenora
  • Cheren

And he lost in all the League challenges he participated in.

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he also lost to Paul serevral times before winning at the League, which he failed to win anyway.
So why do people call him the champion? Is it like how in Real Steel, Atom loses to Zeus by a few points, but the people still liek him better?
ash lost to Fantina twice
Little weak idiot strolling around with an overpowered Pikachu at his shoulder :P
And Trip his unova rival