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Basically I'm thinking about getting a ditto with the hidden ability "imposter" from the dream world so ditto does not waste a turn using transform because it automatically transforms into the Pokemon it's facing.

Anyway getting back to the point I want to know which Pokemon would go first if ditto has imposter and automatically transforms in the target it will copy it's ev's so this should mean the speed stat of the target and my ditto are the same right? So who goes first is it the opponent because he was originally faster or do you flip a coin or something?


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It would become a speed tie. Basically meaning it is a 50/50 chance of being Ditto or the opponent to move first in this case.

They way to remedy this would to be to equip the Ditto with a choice scarf to raise it's speed by 50%. although, this will force it to be locked onto just one move. It's your choice.

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or you could just give it the quick powder