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It includes
Poliwrath: (Ice Punch-Hydro Pump-Whirlpool-Submission)
Slowking: (Psychic-Shadow Ball-Surf-Water Gun)
feralligatr: (Hydro Cannon-Ice Fang-Waterfall-Surf)
Kingdra: (Hydro Pump-Surf-Smokescreen-Dragonbreath)
Blastoise: (Hydro Pump-Surf-Crunch-Protect)
Gyarados: (Thunder Wave-Waterfall-Outrage-Surf)


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I suggest making these improvements:

Poliwrath-I would get rid of whirlpool and hydro pump on Poliwrath. Neither move is reliable enough to be effective, and there's no point in having two water type moves. I would give him waterfall STAB. Being physical, it will do more damage. Earthquake would be good if you want to cover his electric weakness.

Slowking-Throw out water gun.

Feraligatr-There's no point in having 3 water moves. Dragon dance or swords dance would be perfect to boost up his stats. Earthquake could be good on him as well. for a STAB, give him either waterfall or aqua tail. Crunch or shadow claw can give more coverage, aerial ace too.

Kingdra-too many water moves. and the moves can be too weak.

In short, many of your pokemon have too many of the same type of moves, so you need to diversify your team.

Final sets:

Poliwrath-Waterfall, Ice punch, Submission, Earthquake

Feraligatr-Dragon Dance (or swords dance), Aqua tail (or waterfall), Crunch, Brick Break or aerial ace. (covers more types.)

Kingdra-Dragon Pulse, signal beam, Dragon Dance, Flash Cannon (flash cannon is unexpected on Kingdra)

Blastoise-Toxic, protect, Waterfall, rain dance

Slowking-Psychic, Light screen, Thunder wave, Surf
OR: for Slowking, you can make him a sweeper since lots of your team is pretty slow with this:

Trick Room, Nasty plot, Psychic, Surf.

Gyrados-Earthquake, Waterfall, Stone Edge, Dragon Dance.

The key to a monotype team is to make a diverse team. With these movesets I suggested, You can cover just about any type. Change this to your liking. Make sure to throw in a grass type or electric type move to deal with other water types.

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Poliwrath really doesn't need Hydro Pump or Whirlpool on it. I'd suggest putting Belly Drum (or Hypnosis) and Waterfall on it.

Slowking needs to support the team against Grass-types, so I'd replace Water Gun with Flamethrower.

Feraligatr needs to lose Hydro Cannon and Surf, and get Swords Dance and Crunch.

Kingdra doesn't need Smokescreen and Hydro Pump. If you like the idea of Smokescreen, then put Double Team on it. If not, it needs Agility. Replace Hydro Pump with Ice Beam.

Blastoise is actually fairly passable! You don't need Hydro Pump, though. Put Toxic on it to work with Protect, or maybe a muscler attack like Return or Outrage. Rock Slide, Flash Cannon, nd Focus Blast may be good for coverage, too.

Waterfall and Outrage on Gyarados is nice! Earthquake is nearly mandatory to deal with the Electric-types, and for the last slot, you need a buff. THAT'S where Dragon Dance comes in!

I didn't really try to make PERFECT or STATIC movesets, but I can see that you're a casual player, so I made the movesets a little more fun to use. :3

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poliwrath(ice punch, waterfall, brick break, bulk up)

Slow king replace water gun with calm mind

Ferligatr(waterfall ice punch earthquake swords dance/crunch)

Kingdra(dragon pulse, surf, ice beam, fash cannon)

Blastoise(look at the which starter to part of my website it includes a blastoise moveset www.thespeedfreak.weebly.com )

Gyrados(waterfall, avalananch, bounce, earthquake)

Bounce? On Gyrados?