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So I'm playing black 2, and I'm in the black tower getting money and leveling up my evd gengar. So I finish, and I notice that his focus sash is missing... It's not in my bag, it's not in being held by a Pokemon in my party or in the box.. So, wtf happened :-(

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Dude why did you ask this question twice? http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/138571/missing-item-any-ideas-anyone You don't have to ask more than one of the same question.

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The only possibilities I know of:

  • A Pokemon was holding it and you released it or traded it away to someone else.
  • You used Fling which throws the object and you permanently lose it.
  • You used Metronome which turned into Fling.
  • You didn't look hard enough ;)
  • You didn't have the item in the first place (long shot)
or, possibly, you consumed the item.
Gengar doesn't know fling :-\ someone did use trick on him though during the tower, but doesn't that just come back to me?
Maybe an enemy used thief and he was knocked out or he ran away.
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Maybe it was consumed when he took a usual one-hit-KO attack as it is a one use item

This is correct; the Focus Sash is a one-time-use item. It disappears after use.
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Have you tried looking in your PC with your name on it.