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Can you tell me how many times and where do I battle N again on Pokemon black2?

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The last time I battled N was when he gave me Zekrum?

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Well, after your battle where he releases Zekrom, he instructs you to catch legendary Pokemon Kyurem. if completed, N will return to his throne room once every season. His Pokemon change every season, some of his Pokemon even have Dream world ability's!

Instead of writing all of them down, I'll just link you to the page. It will be easier, but the upshot is that he will actually use weather teams with swift swim and chlorophyll users, so he is much harder to beat than last time to bring the appropriate teams for each season.

This is the link.

I hope this helps!

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You need to visit N at the Ferris Wheel in Nimbasa on a Friday first, whereupon he'll he ask you to ride the Wheel with him.

After that, he'll ask you to come and find him back at his castle (where you fought him & Zekrom). If you don't go to Nimbasa, he won't be in his castle to challenge you.
Ohhhh! That explains why he had all ice type pokmon from the last time i battle him back at winter!Thank you!