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What means LC?
Little Cup
what is little cup
The cup where you use unevolved Pokemon instead of fully evolved ones.
Little Cup is a tier where you use level 5 unevolved pokemon. It's quite fun but the moveset builds are drastically different

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Ash's Mankey (Mankey) @Choice Scarf
Trait: Defiant
EVs 252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 Hp
Adamant Nature

  • Close Combat (STAB Power)
  • Rock Slide (To get rid of flying Pokemon)
  • Fire Punch (Coverage)
  • U-turn (Scout)
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aaaaaah ash changed into a mankey!!!!!!!
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Mankey @ Choice Scarf
Jolly/Adamant Nature
Defiant/Vital Spirit
Max Attack/Max Speed
Close Combat
Ice Punch

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