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I plan on making a mono fire team like my poison one. This team already has A few pokemon I've already confirmed, I need three more pokemon however. based off of FACTS, not opinions, which three pokemon should I use? I was considering the following:

Arcanine-A great, well balanced pokemon, he's got good stats all around, and has hard hitting moves. He's got priority, STAB, and all kinds of dangerous little things.

Torkoal-The best fire type Rapid spinner around. If I'm making a mono team, I'll need to block out stealth rock, and he's got the power to do it.

Houndoom-He's got nasty plot, and flash fire (which is great in double battles since I can use lava plume to instantly power him up.)

Blaziken-A hard hitting powerful pokemon. The problem in the past was his speed. However, he now has the ability speed boost at his disposal, making him a viable sweeper.

Infernape- A quick hard hitting mixed sweeper. Doesn't need anything to set up, so he can start attacking.

Shanderaa-I don't know... I know he's got that sky high special attack, and shadow tag, making an awesome combo. But his Sub par speed and low defenses put him where Blaziken was in genr 3/4. One idea I had was to send a pokemon out to get the foe to use a fighting or normal move, then use encore and safely switch in. However, I think everyone will end up doing that, so the moment you see shanderaa on a time, it will be really obvious to switch out. But who knows, he looks awesome on paper, but I don't know if he can really hold up. People thought alakazam was a beast...until U-turn happened.

-Feel free to chooose any other fire type that may be good for my team. (Please don't choose legendary pokemon though)

-I've already confirmed Charizard, Typhlosion, and Ninetales for my monofire team.

I'd like to hear several different answers for feedback.

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I wouldn't use Shanderaa, seeing as that thing will be everywhere this gen. Use Flash Fire Houndoom PRIMARILY as a Shanderaa counter. It walls its Fire and Ghost-type STAB, and is immuned to Psychic and Will-O-Wisp. It's a perfect counter, as it OHKO's all common builds of Shanderaa with STAB Crunch, and switch in safely for the kill. Definitely pick Houndoom.

Don't bother with Torkoal. I highly doubt that Stealth Rock will play a role in this new metagame, and if it does, it'll be easy to predict which Pokemon will be using it. Instead, to fill a support-like role, I'd use Infernape for fast crippling in Will-O-Wisp, Solarbeam that'll likely go first, to hit back Stealth Rock-ers, Slack Off to heal damage, and U-Turn for safe returning.

Finally, I'd use Arcanine. Extremespeed for great priority, Dragon Pulse for dealing with Onono and Sazando, Flare Blitz for devastating STAB, and Solarbeam for Sun abuse. He's the powerhouse and key Trickster in your team, able to overcome virtually any obstacle at full HP.

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Pick just one Fire/Fighting type, choose wisely between Blaziken and Infernape! most people will pick Blaziken, but I like Infernape most cause it's speed and base stat higher. and I prefer to choose Magmortar, with a great stats, great power, lot of moveset and unpredicteble, have 3 weakness that can be handle with one Solarbeam! and I don't like Ninetales very much, so I will choose Arcanine. last, you can add Shadeera for another pokemon type, even he has 5 weaknesses. that's my suggestion...

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Defineatly shandera who has killer S. attack and can pwn everything but blissey then blazekin who has awesome offenses and agility to make it a sweeper and arcanine who has like you said great stats all around and great attack and speeed though a some what limited moveset it can be a great pokemon with flare blitz. though on the other hand nine tails can learn energy ball nasty plot and flamethrower which is a nice combo

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Shanderra is good, but doesn't really fit in on a Mono-Fire team I think. However I would still consider it a good choice. Blazien is a must wit the new Speed Boost ability. Torkoal is also a must for Stealth Rock. If you are not adverse to using legendaries (at least not Uber legendaries, which might be what you meant by no legendaries. If you meant no legendaries whatsoever, then forget about it), then Heatran is a great choice, despite the Ground weakness. Houndoom with Nasty Plot is really great if you can set it up, and the Lava Plume thing would be useful. Another possiblity is to add Heat Rotom to the team. It is now an Electric/Fire type in that form, and while there aren't as many good STAB oppurtunities, it has Electric attacks to take down Water types. It also has the nifty Levitate ability. Arcanine isn't as useful as some others, seeing how its STAB isn't really the best for Attack. And unlike what the other people here seem to not realize, I know Ninetails is a must due to that new ability.

All in all, go with: Heat Rotom, Blaziken, Torkoal

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well if you want a tricky fire type team her are the top 8 pokemon that you should use and their most useful moves (no legendarys or starters)
pychic - flamethrower - thunder bolt, earth quake, rock throw hyper beam - sunny day
flamethrower, thunder bolt, rock wrecker, hyper beam, dragon pulse, earthquake
flamethrower, out rage, megapunch
extreme speed, flamethrower, thunder fang, dragon pulse
flamethrower, dark pulse, counter
flamethrower, will-o-wisp, fire fang, quick attack
flamethrower, stone edge, earthquake, flash cannon
flamethrower, fire blast
bug bite, flamethrower, inferno, slash
flamethrower, shadow ball, rock slide
and if you want to use fire starters here you go
hyper beam, flamethrower, wing attack, iron tail, dragon pulse
thunder punch, flamethrower, earthquake, roll out
brave bird, blast burn, skyupper cut
flamethrower, thunder punch, aerial ace, close combat, shadow claw, earthquake
rock smash, flamethrower, head smash, scald, flame charge