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Ok so now I have...

Marowak: Bonemerang, swords dance, outrage,and skull bash.
Scizor: swords dance, X-scissor Iron head, and bullet PAWNCH!
Palkia: spacial rend, aura sphere, Draco meteor, and surf.
Giratina: shadow force, shadow claw, dragon claw, and silver wind.
charizard: blast burn, flamethrower solarbeam, and sunny day.
Gallade: swords dance, psycho cut, close combat, and ice punch.

Is this good and also my marowak is holding a thick club?

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These are all at level 100 except for marowak (lvl 55) and gallade(lvl 55) .
I want you to include your Pokemon stats and which form the Giratina is. This way, I am able to offer more help.
Also, didn't you question the use of Charizard?
Nevermind I switched charizard for  glaceon

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Marowak: Fire Punch, Substitute, Focus Punch, Earthquake

Scizor: Bullet Punch, Superpower, U-Turn, Roost

Palkia: Spacial Rend, Aqua Tail, Focus Punch, Thunder

Giratina: Calm Mind, Shadow Ball, Will-o-wisp, Dragon Pulse

Charizard: Earthquake, Flamethrower, Draagon Pulse, Air Slash

Gallade: Ice Punch, Close Combat, Psycho Cut, Night Slash

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I must admit, this is better than most movesets we see on Pokebase! Congrats on actually making logical choices! :P

There are a few slips though. Marowak really does need Earthquake. If you can't get it on him, then Bonemerang is the next best thing, but it's slightly inaccurate. Bone Rush would be interesting, since it's better at Sub-Breaking, and with a little luck, it can be stronger than both Bonemerang AND Earthquake. You probably see what I mean though.

Scizor needs more Technician abuse. Dump Iron Head for something that can do this.

Palkia needs Ice Beam to counter his only weakness. Dump Draco Meteor to make room.

Get rid of one of the Ghost moves for something to cripple. Swagger works well with Giratina's enormous Bulk, and Thunder Wave helps to slow down speedy foes. Use Thunder Wave for Giratina-O, and Will-O-Wisp for Giratina-A.

Sunny Day set for Charizard? He's a Fire-type, so that works well. I won't recommend an entirely new moveset, since Sunny Day Charizard is perfectly viable. I'd just take out Blast Burn for either Earthquake or Roost. Take your pick.

Your Gallade is pretty good. Nothing really lacking of it, so I'd leave it without changes. No sense in fixing something that isn't broken, right?

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All valid points as always Will, I just gave what I believe to be the best possible movesets. I only have one thing to question and that is Ice Beam on Palkia. It is a great move, but if the only reason is to deal with Dragon types, Spacial Rend can also do that.
Yea I Really LOVE what I did with marowak