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I am making a Pokemon Heartgold Starter/Awesome-Pokemon Team:


Heat Wave (STAB, lower accuracy than Flamethrower but higher power, 10% chance of burning)

Flamethrower: (STAB, lower power than heat wave but higher accuracy, 10% chance of burning)

Air Slash (STAB, awesome move)

Roost (For healing)
Meganium Holding the berry to reduce Super-effective fire attacks

Solarbeam (STAB, Awesome Power, Awesome accuracy)

Sunny Day (For instant Solarbeams)

Frenzy Plant (STAB, for despirate times)

Synthesis (For healing)

Ice Fang (Deals with Grass types)

Earthquake (Unexpected for Feraligtr, deals with electrics)

Agility (Ups it's speed for killer Earthquakes)

Hydro Cannon (Same as Meganium's Frenzy Plant)

Leaf Blade (STAB, awesome power, awesome accuracy, high critical hit ratio, a grass version of Flamethrower without the burning)

Leaf Storm (STAB, Great Power, Good Accuracy, sadly reduces sp. attack 2 stages)

Swords Dance (Raises attack 2 stages)

Earthquake (Do I need to explain?)

Miracle Eye (For hitting Dark Types)

Calm Mind (For raising it's main 2 stats)

Focus Blast (Deals with Dark Types)

Pyschic (STAB, After Calm mind, it's awesomely powerful)

Curse (To reduce it's low speed for it's attack and defence)

Dark Pulse (STAB, High Power, High accuracy, 20% chance of flinching, best dark move)

Baton Pass (After using Curse and Double Team enough times, Umbreon can pass the stats to a quicker Pokemon)

Double Team (Raises Evasivness to pass to another Pokemon via baton pass)
Like it?


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Get out Meganium and add in something else, I would suggest Garchomp. I will however, just do movesets for the Pokemon you have on your team just now:

Charizard: Flamethrower, Air Slash, Earthquake, Dragon Pulse

Meganium: Aromatherapy, Swords Dance, Seed Bomb, Flail

Feraligatr: Swords Dance, Aqua Jet, Ice Punch, Return

Sceptile: Substitute, Focus Blast, Leech Seed, Energy Ball

Alakazam: Psychic, Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, Grass Knot

Umbreon: Curse, Payback, Toxic, Wish/Moonlight

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I suggest you remove a grass type I prefer keeping sceptile a teaching it giga drain instead of leaf blade because it has higher special attack and giga drain recovers health. I would remove heat wave and switch it with earthquake. and feraligatr switch hydro cannon with waterfall because it is more dependable as it has higher accuracy and it dosen't need to recharge and ice fang with ice punch and beside that it's OK

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Sorry, but I think you need repair your moveset and don't use Meganium if Sceptile is there! For Charizard, you don't need 2 fire move, I suggest throw Flamethrower for Earthquake would help a lot, like Sh7atoap said! I believe Heat wave with 90% accuracy is not a problem...
for Sceptile, keep the Leaf storm or change it with Giga drain/Energy ball, and throw Leaf blade! you can add Rock slide, it can cover 4 from 5 weakness (Bug, Fire, Ice, and Flying), but since it's better Sp.attack, it's your choice!
for Feraligatr, change Ice fang with Ice punch for better accuracy and power, change Hydro cannon with Waterfall, and change Agility with Sword dance.
that's my suggestion...

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Charizard dump heat wave flamethrower's pro's out way the cons then add dragon pulse for it is an awesome move. Dump meganium becuase you already have sceptile add steelix for your defensive pokemon and the perfect person to baton pass curse. teach steelix earthquake gyro ball(works awesome with baton curse) stone edge and double edge. ferligatr replace hydrocannon with waterfall becuase ferligatr attack is much higher than S.attack and waterfall may finch and does not cost a turn. you may want to consider teach ferligatr ice punch instead of fang for more accuracy and power. Sceptile shoud have rock side instead of leaf storm if you are training attack becuase rock slide covers all but posion which earthquake covers. Alakazam should have shadow ball instead of miracle eye becuase focus blast already hits them and shadow ball covers ghost and by the way his two main stats are speed and S.attack. Umbreon is the only one that is good.