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I have two Ds's and the first and second black and white versions.I would really like to transfer all of my Pokemon from the first and to the second black one, but I couldn't!Was there another way I can transfer all of them?!


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Black & Black 2 are in the same generation, so if you're using the Pokemon transfer lab on Route 15, it won't work; that lab is for Gen IV to Gen V. You need to trade to yourself, just like how you normally trade.

Yea, and that's what I've been doing already!!
Thank you for answering,but if I do that,do you still own them,or do they still belong to the other ds owner?
If you have 2 DS's you should be able to trade normally with yourself via Union Room? If you're doing that already and it's not working, then I'm not sure what's wrong...

& no, you're technically a different trainer in B2/W2. Even if you use the Unova Link and link back to your B/W game (in order to get N's Pokemon), you're still categorised as a different trainer.
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Were you using Infrared? Perhaps the Ds's weren't facing each other.