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hmmm, good thinking
It depends on Muk's Defense, Blitzle's Attack, and how many times Minimize was used.
Yeah she is right
does minimize lower your defense or something????
Stomp's power gets doubled from Minimize.

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Pokeslash is right, It really depends on the attack stat of the blitzle and the defensive stat of the muk. Since you said that the blitzle is level 1 and the muk is level 100 then the blitzle will not be able to KO the muk

Level 1 Blitzle:
Maximum attack stat: 7

Level 100 Muk:
Maximum defense stat: 273
Minimum defense stat: 139

So the chance are really really low that Muk will be OHKO by a lecel 1 blitzle

Hope this helped

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...Wouldn't the MINIMUM Defense Stat for Muk be more relevant?
Yes it would, but I won't edit my answer, since fondant has already written this information in here answer. Me editing it just doesn't seem right, but yeah, that would have been better. But the conclusion is still a level 1 blitzle with stomp will not be able to KO a level 100 muk that has used minimize
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Minimize raises the user's evasion by two stages. In addition, Pokémon that have used Minimize will receive double damage from Steamroller.

So Minimise only doubles the damage from Stomp, regardless of how many times you use it.

>The base power of Stomp is doubled to 130 if the target has used Minimize.

That's the BP of Stomp under Minimise's effect. Blitzle's hase a base attack stat of 60. Its attack at level 1 is at a maximum of 7; even at LC stage, its attack is at a maximum of 16. It also receives no STAB from Stomp.

Muk's lowest HP & defence at level 100 is 320 and 139 respectively.

I'd add some maths, but I don't think I need to deal with any more numbers to show that Blitzle will have its horseshoes fall off before Stomp KO'd a Muk.


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