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One of my best friends just told me that it is confirmed that they are making a fairy type and that its supereffective against dragon. Is this real?

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Yes it is true and the following Pokemon are known to soon have this new type:

  • Sylveon
  • Marril
  • Gardevoir
  • Jigglypuff

Fairy type confirmed

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Vivilion too
Vivillion is Bug/Flying
I can see it. Gardevoir will be in OU/UU because Fairy is super-effective against Dragon. It's happening :D
Gardevoir?!?! Why.... I love Gardevoir!! It's an epic psychic type!!!
it will be psychic/fairy
Why can't people just stick to the original 17 types
Because then there won't be anything new to add, they want to keep on making new games, you see?
@legenduser, there were 15 original types. Dark and Steel were introduced in gen 2
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Yes. I can't say it makes me happy but I geuss it'll be something new. Fairy types will be super effective against dragon types, and a few existing Pokemon have lost their previous types to become fairy type Pokemon.

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Aww man. I hope Azumarill is at least still part Water type. My STAB Waterfall slave. :(
yes marril will be water/fairy, so will azumarril...probably
It should still be Water/Fairy @fondant
My Gardevior..Dragon Type...
Gamefreak, how could you? ;-;