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Not including Eviolite, are there any items that boost defence/sp.defence?
Thanks for answering, if you do. My Pokemon are counting on you!

An item that boosts both of them at the same time? or just one
Either one.

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These can only be used by certain Pokemon:

  • Deep Sea Scale (for Clamperl, raises Sp. Def)
  • Metal Powder (for Ditto, raises both Defense and Sp. Def, but does not work when Ditto is transformed)
  • Soul Dew (for Latios/Latias, raises both Sp. Def and Sp. Atk)

  • The Assault Vest can be used by any Pokemon. It raises Sp. Def by 50%, but prohibits the use of any status moves.

Hope this helps.

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Not counting the Ganlon and Apicot Berries, which can raise Defense (Ganlon) or Special Defense (Apicot) when HP is below 25%.
Thanks so much!
What about assault vest