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I already know dragon pulse and energy ball but I need another I already have a physical one and the moveset question that has already been asked only gives a good physical set.


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This is actually a moveset I find to be best overall:

Leech Seed
Energy Ball
Focus Blast

Being the fastest sub-seeder back in Gen4 (now Jaroda has that honor however) make use of this. Energy Ball is obviously for STAb and Focus Blast has great type coverage. If you are good at Hidden Power, a Rock HP might work well. I just hate Hidden Power though. If you think you must keep Dragon Pulse (I wouldn't) I guess you could keep it over Focus Blast (but don't, Focus Blast would be better.)

Edit: Okay, if you don't want to sub-seed, go with:

Focus Blast, Energy Ball, Dragon Pulse, Synthesis/Hidden Power Rock

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Actually sceptile is still the fastest his speed is 120 jaroda has 113 so sceptile is still the fastest.
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Energy Ball - Powerful STAB
Toxic - Sceptiles good grass whistle inforce this tactic Grass Whistle - Toxic heaven
dragon pulse - Good move for covering most types

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Can't inflict both poison and sleep, which is what you are implying.
Also, Dragon Pulse only has super-effective coverage on Dragon types, of which there are only a few of.
What the heck is "Toxic Heaven"? :-/