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No offence, but I hate the "Fairy" type. The other types pertain to nature or everyday life (except dragon or pyschic). They should've kept it that way and made it a light instead. This isn't Tinkerbell! I don't think they should start changing Pokemon types that have been here for gens. and gens. They've been there for so long so how the hell do you go from one type to another without evolving! I don't hate Ninfia, but I just hate the new Type and the fact they change old types because now people are gonna want explanations on how long have they been hiding their fairy powers.


This opinion piece feels that Fairy means "magical" more than "friendly little pixies".

Anyways, Fairy is now a secondary type to these Pokemon. So Jiggly is now Normal/Fairy for example.
Who would this offend?
I am totally not offended, I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE fairy types partly because they are giving dragon and dark another weakness and that's just unfair on Hydreigion and plus dark types are my favourite!
I contradict Trachy's statement. If fairies are considered magical, alakazam and its family are fairies.

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Well.. It's not the first time a Type has been changed. One example is Magnemite. It used to be pure Electric. Now its Electric/Steel.
GameFreak may just think that Fairy suites them. It also may give them an advantage in the games and in competitive.

Lastly, the Egg Group Fairy contains those Pokeemon, and the Water Egg group contains many Water Types. Maybe GameFreak decided that the Egg Group's name should be an actual type.

Overall, there's no way to really tell. This is just speculation. Only GameFreak/The Pokemon Company knows.

Sorry pokeslash. Brotad was Slowtad.
It's Ok, Yours was better. I had no idea GameFreak actually said that.
Oh, didn't notice about the egg group thing myself. Nice find there Pokeslash.
Gardevoir isn't in the Fairy Egg group though.
Oh, damn, it isn't? :/
Nope it's in amorphous for some odd reason.
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Gamefreak said it themselves. They wanted to bring dragon types under control, so they created a new type that is at the advantage to dragon. Rumor has it that fairy is weak to poison and steel, types that arnt great offensively, and resisted by fire and psychic, rather poor offensive types, while resisting fighting, a powerful offensive type. Basically, it appears that game freak is leveling the playing field when it comes to types, so that the overpowered types like dragon are put under control while "weaker" types like poison get their chance to shine. This is kind of like how the introduction of dark and steel limited the reign of psychic types while giving fighting types a chance. Retconning is nothing new either. Magneton was once a pure electric type, but now everyone has accepted its steel typeyness. Our favorite Pokemon while still retain there original typings, but gain new ones as well, and with them likely gain new moves and advantages. In the end, like it or not, the fairy type is here to stay, and you'll get accustomed to the existence of fairies in this world of demons, dragons, giant bugs, walking plants and rocks with fists.

Poison FTW.
Huge Power Fairy Azumarill O.o
UU today, OU in October, Uber in a year!
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I would understand why Claffairy and Jigglypuff would be best suited as Fairy types but Marill, Gardvior and the rest is a bit out of the blue. Is Snubbull a fairy type? It says in the pokedex that it's a Fairy Pokemon haha!

Gardevoir is a fairy type probably because Gallade has a fighting type and so it would be 'fair' if Gardevoir got a second type. I still think they should have given her a better type though, the type fairy sucks and I used to think Marill was really cute...
Okay COBRAGON... what should Gardevoirs second typing be? Normal? Dragon? Ghost? Ultimately, Fairy, a type that represents Light and good emotion would fit Gardevoir better than the others I mentioned would. Fairy also fits Marill, so that it has a time to shine and rival other pokemon like it (mostly other water types...), you said it yourself, Marill is cute, so the kindness associated with Fairy types fits it well.
Marills have come from a huggable water bunny to the bringer of nightmares of all dragons!