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A kid at school said that he read a site on the computer that said Pokemon X and Y are going to be the last Pokemon games, is that true?

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If they stop making pokemon games, I will litteraly cry myself to sleep for months.
If they stopped making new Pokémon games, this would site would on support old gens, which, would get very boring. Unless, of course, people keep on asking different questions. 'Cause I highly doubt we will run out of questions. ;3
I doubt it too and i would think that nintendo or gamefreak would of said something by now if it was the last game
Have you ever heard the 12 gen theory?
Just tried googling "12th gen theory" and came up with nothing related to pokemon :/
Well I should probably said zodiac theory or something like that. The conjecture is that there will be 12 pokemon generations just as there are 12 members of the Chinese Zodiac. Each fire type starter has resembled a member (Charizard is the dragon, Tyhplosion is the Rat, Blaziken is the rooster, Infernape is the monkey, emboar is the pig, and fennekin's final evolution will be the dog.) Most of these match up, but the cyndaquil lines are not nescesarily rats, and fenniken is a fox, a canid, but not a dog.

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As long as Pokémon is popular or becomes more popular and also generates so much money, Gamefreak will do all they can to keep Pokémon going.

Pokémon may past the 10th gen for all we know , just as long as the Pokémon are original and interesting and the story proves good and so many still love Pokémon , the generations will continue.

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Omigosh. If pokemon never ends, this site will keep on going forever. O.o
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Probably not, but we never know. I seriously doubt it though.