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Fire types. They are beasts. And now with Drought
Ninetales, more steel, bug, and grass types, and the lowered amount of stealth rock, they finally have the chance to deal out damage in the metagame.

Team:Charizard, Typhlosion, Ninetales, Blaziken, Houndoom, Torkoal.

Ninetales-The main pokemon to set up my strategy. Her Job is to set up sunny weather, and come back to set up again if needed.


Protect-good for scouting out moves, and better for protection. I need her to be safe against enemy fire.

Flamethrower-Should she need to attack. Also deals with taunters which will be a likely counter.

Roar/Safeguard-protects from status, the fire type's long time enemy. Roar is to break free in case I get trapped by a pokemon like Shanderaa.

Solarbeam/Will-O-wisp-Solarbeam covers all her weaknesses in one move, will-O-wisp can cut enemy attack while damaging them.
Charizard: this guy is a beast. He's got all out power. So he's my mixed sweeper.

Ability-Solar Power Item-Leftovers/Choice Band/-leftovers drags out solar power a bit longer, choice band just makes all out power.

Overheat-210 base power with STAB because he'll be switching out a lot, the stat drop won't be a problem. gets Insane power

Solarbeam-No charging up for Solarbeam due to the weather, so this is the perfect choice. Just need to watch for politoed, who can change the weather to prolong charging time.

Earthquake-A powerful,physical move. This covers his electric weakness while dealing with annoying

Dragon Claw/Roost/Iron Tail/Thunderpunch-Dragon Rush deals with the rampand dragons the rule the metagame, roost works to restore his health lost from solar power. Thunder punch deals with flying types.

Typhlosion-My all time favorite pokemon. he's all about sweeping, and he's one of the few pokemon in the game that has the move eruption.

Item:life orb/choice band/ Ability: Flash Fire

Eruption-A STAB eruption at full health in the sun powered by an item coming off of high special attack will vaporize anything that dares to challenge him. I'm also using Houndoom as his partner in 2 on 2 battles and have a teammate use lava plume to activate his flash fire, giving it even more power.

Solarbeam-High power, no charging. He's good to go.

Aerial Ace/Earthquake/Shadow claw-all moves give more type coverage so I don't have Fire attack, solarbeam on everyone.

Brick Break/Lava Plume-Good power, mainly used to break through light screen. lava plume is used because Eruption has low PP, and it can be used to activate houndoom's Flash fire.

Blaziken: He used to be hated for his nice sweeping power, but low speed. Now he can take his revenge.

Ability: speed boost.

Swords dance-good for first turn when he powers up with speed boost.

Flare blitz/Blaze kick-a high powered STAB. Blaze kick is safer, but Flare blitz can be used well with reversal.

Sky uppercut/reversal-offers STA, and type coverage. Reversal works with recoil moves

Shadow Claw/Brave bird/protect=Shadow claw deals with psychic types. Brave bird does insane damage. Protect is good for stalling until he can get his speed high enough to sweep.

Houndoom- a nice powerful pokemon hands down.

Ability : flash fire

Nasty plot-oh yeah...

heat wave- A nice STAB.

Dark pulse-Beats the crap out of the foe.

Solarbeam-covers most weaknesses.

Torkoal-My main defensive pokemon, used also to blow away entry hazards.

Rapid Spin-I still think stealth rock is going to dominate the meta game.

Lava plume: Activates flash fire for typhlosion and houndoom.

Amnesia-makes him into a burly wall.

Stealth Rock-His dream world ability is useless, so I can take my gen 5 torkoal with this set, making my team that much more powerful.

My questions to you are:

-What improvements to the movesets can I make?
-What pokemon changes should I make?
-Any big flaws or counters to my plan?
-Anything else important?

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You haven't done defense against Fairy type pokemon XD let charizard have steel wing or metal claw

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Well, you covered weaknesses, but don't forget types who resist fire types.

A dragon type could do heavy damage to your team, by the time charizard gets there with Dragon pulse and stuff, you will have already taken a blow, and if fast enough, a dragon type could pull an aqua tail on you. Killer when the sun wears off! And some water/ground types have dual types to protect them from super effective fire and grass, while still being super effective against you. Examples- Ludicolo, Garchomp, Flygon and Gyarados.

Another fire type could also be a threat. Charizard is the only one who can easily take out other fire types, so the opponnent could bait you with a grass type, then suck you dry with a switch to Rapidash, or any pokemon
with Flash fire.

Your movesets are all STUNNING, nice work DT.

And um, CASTFORM! I know it's not really a fire type, but in the sun it is! Think about it- Weather ball (50), doubled in the weather (100), plus the fire-type-move-in-sun boost (150) plus STAB too= 225 power! that's AWESOME. but I know how you feel if your team has to be PURE fire types.

Dragon rush/Claw will still do quite a bit of damage against a dragon, giving me some hope. I don't have to worry about the sun wearing off because drought makes it permanent, not just 5 turns (unless somebody switches into a pokemon with another weather ability, but Ninetales can just switch back in.) Earthquake can deal with any fire type, and most of my pokemon are resistant to fire attacks and have flash fire, so they aren't an issue. And castform still doesn't have that good of stats.
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Ninetales should replace safguard with nasty plot it is mandatory for nintales becuase of his average S.attack.

flamethrower is better for continous use which is important and dragon claw is more reliable than dragon rush.

Typhlosion is perfect no surprise

blazekin is perfect

heat wave only hurts the opponents I have tested it multiple times

torkoal is good but I hate overheat so I would use flamethrower

-Ninetales shouldn't be a sweeper if I'm using her for Support, She doesn't quite have the defenses, so I'll stick to the defense.

-I use overheat over flamethrower because fire types switch out a LOT. So it's not much of an issue.
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The Pokemon themselves are perfectly fine. As for Ninetales, give it Roar. You will not want Ninetales in at the start of the game except to activate Drought. Switch it out as soon as you do that, then switch out, only bringing it in if your opponent activates a weather effect or if it is late-game. Roar is there so if you can't switch because of the foe (Shanderra) you can get them out of there, then switch. Charizard is perfect. Typhlosion is perfect. Blaziken, you might want Blaze Kick or Fire Punch. Definatly not Flamethrower due to Swords Dance. Flare Blitz is fine however if you can handle the recoil. Houndoom is perfect, except I don't believe Heat Wave effects your teammates. I could be wrong though. Torkoal is good, but you could replace Overheat with Lava Plume or Eruption..