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With Legendaries: Giratina, Gengar, Goruggo, Dusknoir, Desukan, Shanderra

Without: Everybody except Giratina, replacing it with Froslass.

Giratina: Should likely be in Origin form. It should know:

Draco Metoer: STAB. Without the Dragon Pulse TM, this is th next best thing.
Calm Mind: Makes Giratina even more of a force to be reckoned with
Shadow Ball: STAB
Aura Sphere: Excellent type coverage, also including Dark types.

Gengar: One of the best Pokemon in the game, it has consistantly proved itself a driving force of the metagame. It should know:

Shadow Ball
Focus Blast

Goruggo: Just use the moveset given on the site. This guy is just good.

Dusknoir: A powerful defensive force that can do some damage when needed.

Pain Split
Shadow Sneak
Fire Punch

Desukan: Also just use the moveset given on this site.

Shanderra: Once again use the moveset given on this site.

Froslass: A fast Pokemon that while it might be Borderline can actually be used in Uber. This is due to her amazing ability to set up entry hazards with great speed, making it this teams lead. The ability Cursed Body allows it to have use outside a Hail team also. It should know:

Destiny Bond
Ice Beam

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