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Well try these for Dark:

Tyranitar: Obvious, Powerful, Bulky,Amazing. It Should Know:
Crunch: Well, Got To Have A Drak Move!
Earthquake: Yeah.
Stone Edge: Of Course.
Dragon Dnance: Goodbye, My Enemies.

Drapion: 1 Weakness. Not Even 4 x. Give It:
Toxic Spikes: Poison! Unlimited Poison!
Crunch: Dark, Evil Crunch!
QuakeEarth: yay!
Cross Poison: YAY!

Houndoom: FIRE! YAY!
Flamethrower: Of Course
Dark Pulse:!!
Shadow Ball: Why Not? DIE!

Weavile: Goodbye ya damn 600 Dragons.
Ice Punch: Yeah.
Swords Dance: :)
Night Slash: :)
Brick Break/Iron TAil/Return/Aerial Ace/X-Scizzor/Poison Jab: Coverage.

Sharpedo: YAY FOR WATER!
Crunch/Night Slash: STAB
Earthquake: ........- Red
Agility: SWEEP!
Ice Fang/Waterfall: Coverage or STAB

Sazando: YAY For DRAGONS!
Dragon Pulse: YAY!
Dark Pulse: YAY!
Flash Cannon: Stupid Ice Types, Bubye.
Flamethrower/Focus Blast/Hyper Voice/Earth Power: YAY!

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With Legendaries: Darkrai, Weavile, Zoroark, Honchkrow, Tyranitar without Sand Stream (dream world), Drapion

Without: Everybody except Darkrai, who is replaced by Houndoom.

Darkrai: The only Pokemon that can beat Arceus with regularity. It should know:

Dark Void
Nasty Plot
Dark Pulse
Focus Blast

Weavile: A sweeper. It should know:

Ice Punch
Brick Break
Night Slash
Fake Out

Zoroark: Use the moveset I gave on this site.

Honchkrow: A hard-hitting Pokemon. It should know:

Brave Bird
Sucker Punch
Perish Song
Mean Look

Tyranitar: While the ability Tension isn't as good as Sand Stream, in this case it is. Tyranitar might not be as good without Sand Stream, but this makes him a better choice for this team. He still has great stats afterall. It should know:

Stone Edge

Drapion: Only one weakness. Should know:

Night Slash
Cross Poison
Ice Fang

Houndoom: Should know:

Dark Pulse
Nasty Plot

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