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Well I think I need help building up my team? Or do I ? In Pokemon emerald, I think my team would do good to beat wattson, but I guess not. This is my team:
Wingull Lv.22 the moves are water gun, growl steel wing and wing attack.
Aron Lv.24 the moves are metal claw, iron defence, mud slap, and headbutt.
Combusken Lv.22 the moves are double kick, growl, peck, and ember. and I just have a nincada thats level 6 (he is a HM slave).

I tried beating wattson, but I cant. Answer me if you think I should:

catch another Pokemon
train my team more



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I think you should train Nincada. Train him to around level 17 and teach him Dig. Also, at level 20 and under the right conditions, it evolves into Shedinja, which stops Electric and Normal attacks. Also, Wingull evolves at level 25. Tech it powerful Water moves to sweep Wattson. Good luck! -Jellohamster

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You cant get dig until you reach Fallabour town.(Not sure I spelled that right)
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Train your Pokemon a little higher, to example, Lv. 26. Or, if you don't want to train, at least get all your Pokemon to Lv. 24.

For Magneton, simply use a Fire-move with your Combusken, and then Mud-Slap the living daylights out of his other Pokemon. Have some Ethers/Elixirs on hand.

Good Luck. :)

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Train Aron and level him up at least 3 levels. Then go on a mud-slap spree on watson's voltorb\s and use combusken on his steel\electric types. I can't remember his exact party from Emerald, but that practically covers it all. :)