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Hello all pokemon gurus :). I would like you all guys to share your opinion about all new pokemon Black and white. After I checked Pokemon Black and white pokedex, I realized that there are a lot of high level pokemon example: Wargle, Sazando and Barujiina etc. Most of them are the second of third form but we must train our pokemon to very high level. Why??

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Well, some Pokemon just take longer to evolve. Most pokemon that evolve to the 3rd evolution quickly, like most bug pokemon, have lower stats. These pokemon are good for ingame. Some pokemon evolve more slowly, but have more powerful final evolutions, like most Dragon and OU (overused) pokemon. Since they typically evolve in the high 40's (which requires a lot of training), they are preffered in competitive play, because, although they do take a while, they are the cream of the crop. Perhaps Black and White wants more pokemon to be in higher tiers. After all, there are many WiFi features in Black and White. that can encourage competitive play, so it would make sense.

Yah like tyranitar
Thanks about your comment :).
I think bug type Pokemon in Black and white are very high level, I mean higher then another bug type pokemon in other version. But I agree with you that higher level pokemon higher status they gain. :)
'bug pokemon have lower stats'
That comment proves, once again, that Grass types are the best.
Yeah grass are good but look at volcarona. grass-killing-machine!
Wesley is right. larvesta evolves at lv.59 but volcarona is amazing
I have a lv 34 larvesta and I really want to evolve it.
I think(I dont check the tiers),that Stoutland is an OU,and it evolves at lvl 30 something(its been a while since i evolved Sara)...