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With legendaries, movesets and strategy.

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This is the formation team I made up:

Slaking-Huge stats, only impeded by his ability.-Item, toxic orb. the idea is to use him with smeargle and set him free. not many people expect gastro acid on a smeargle.

facade/giga impact-Since truant takes effect, you might as well use Giga impact. If you choose to use smeargle, then go with Facade for sure. GI is only there if you plan on keeping truant.

fire punch-covers more types

punishment/sucker punch/night slash-covers ghost that try to get a facde immunity. Punishment is good fro people who try to boost stats during his truant turn (before you gastro acid him up) Sucker punch is good for peopl who try to make a quick sweep. Night slash is if you don't want all the hypothetical stuff.

Earthquake-covers tons of types.

Zangoose-Item-toxic orb-ability poison rampage

Facade-insane power

swords dance-insane power squared

Aerial Ace/close combat-covers fighting weakness, close combat deals with rock and steel types that resist normal

night slash-covers ghost types that are immune to facade.


Spore-puts foes to sleep

Gastro acid-devastating effects if used on Slaking.

Endeavor-makes even health to the foe. good when he's weak.

trick room-more trick room

Blissey-gets benefit of trick room, but still can support.

Flamethrower: deals with annoying steel types.

Toxic: stalling win

Stealth Rock: death

thunder wave/protect-impedes anyone instantly, or stall out more with protect


Shadow ball
tri attack-STAB
trick room/SIgnal beam- more coverage, or a opportunity for your slow pokemon to attack.

Arceus or Clefable-depending on if you want legendaries or not.

Psychic-covers fighting type
Draco meteor-covers more pokemon
surf/X scissor-covers more pokemon


Follow me/helping hand-follow me is helpful while setting up. HH makes for crazy amounts of damage.
Ice beam/light screen-support or type coverage
Fie blast/safeguard-coverage or support.
Thunderbolt/reflect-even more support or battling.

I was thinking of lickylicky, but the set I had in mind didn't fit the team well.

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Im Going To Give a Trick Room Team:

Snorlax: Classic. Major AWESOME Classic!
Belly Drum: + Trick Room=SWEEP!
Body Slam/Return: STAB, Parylyze...
Crunch: Ghost
Earthquake/Zen Headbutt: Weakness coverage or power?

Clefable: The Great Normal Type Supporter.

Light Screen: YAY!
Reflect: YAY!
Endeaver: Works Great with Trick Room.
Psychic: Coverage?

Girafarig: Make Sure it has a Quiet Nature. Your Special Sweeper, and Lead for Trick Room.
Trick Room: Yeah. This Whole Team.
Calm Mind: Meh. Sweep. Special Tank.
Psychic: Meh.
Energy/Shadow Ball: Ghost, or more Coverage.

Blissey: Of Course! Your Lead after Girafarig!
Flamethrower: Cover those Bulky Steels!
Toxic: YAY!
Stealth Rock: YAY!
Thunderbolt: YAY!

Togekiss: Quiet Nature time again!
Air Slash: Uh-hu.
Psychic/Flamethrower/Shadow Ball: Or Anything Else Special for Backup.

Staraptor: When Trick Room Falls, You Have This.
Roost: Healing! 1 weakness!
Close Combat: YAY!
Aerial Ace: YAY!
Return: YAY!

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Chillaccino, Meleotta, Blissey, Arceus, Smeargle, Snorlax

Chillaccino: Has awesome moves tht work great with Skill Link. Look on the site for my moveset.

Meleotta: An interesting Pokemon. A Psychic/Normal, which is a good combo. It should know:

Shadow Ball
Hyper Voice

Blissey: One of the best walls of all time. It should know:

Ice Beam

Arceus: Nothing needs to be said. Should know:

Earth Power
Ice Beam

Smeargle: Everything can be used by this. However, it should know this moveset, which makes it the best of all Baton Passers ever:

Belly Drum
Baton Pass
Butterfly Dance

Snorlax: A personal favorite of mine that has always proven invincible. Should know:

Sleep Talk


Rest (chesto Berry)
Belly Drum
Body Slam

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