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Same rules as my other questions personally hate bugs and bug types even more than misty I also hate ninjask despite my user name(i love speed hate ninjask)

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Now THIS is my element! haha, literally! I am the master with Bugs. I've used every one of them, and I like some more than others. Here's a good Mono-Bug Type Team.

MASQUERAIN - I love Masquerain, but from an unbiased view, you should always have one in a Mono-Bug Team. The Wtaer and Ice-type movepool is way too good to pass up. Plus it now has Butterfly Dance. It also has Water Sport, Baton Pass, which is phenomenal for passing that OP'd Butterfly Dance. This Bug's a beast now. I demand respect for it!

VESPIQUEN - THREE signature attacks = One versatile Pokemon. It's pretty Defense-oriented, but attacks fairly well with moves like Air Cutter, Attack Order, and Power Gem. It's a pretty unique Pokemon because of Heal Order and Defense Order as well.

SCIZOR / FORRETRESS - With so many Bugs also having a Flying typing, it's important to have Pokemon that can stand against this large weakness. Bug / Steel is an incredible typing to do this. Scizor can hit hard with STAB, Technician'd Bullet Punch, and Forretress can spin away Stealth Rock, set up its own Stealth Rock and Spikes, and then go our with Explosion after setting up a screen. Alongside Masquerain, one of these two are vital.

HERACROSS - Always hated this thing, but I can't say it's a crappy Pokemon. Heracross also resists Rock-type attacks, but is x4 weak to Flying. He can counteract this with Stone Edge though. It can also learn Night Slash to hit back Psychic-types, and Ghost-types that resist your STABs.

ARMALDO - Armaldo, in my eyes, is to be used as a cover-up for either Forretress or Scizor. If you have the spinner in Forretress, you can use Armaldo to sweep. If you chose the sweeper in Scizor, then you can use Armaldo for support and setup. It's a very durable bug, so use it wisely.

PINSIR / LEDIAN - Use Pinsir for some straightforward sweeping, or Ledian or straightforward support. Pinsir has a pure Bug typing, AKA, a blessing, and can hit hard with its Bug, Dark, and Fighting-type attacks. It's also the only pure Bug-type Pokemon to have access to Earthquake and Stone Edge. Ledian can set up Dual Screens, it can confuse, it can Baton Pass Swords Dance, Agility, and if you're lucky: Silver Wind.

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Well, with the great Will having answered, there's not much else I ca say except that you should add Agirudda. Maybe have Masquerain use Rain Dance.

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Durant can be helpful, not much else to say...

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