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Same rules as usual please I am looking for movesets that are after the split so no high attack pokemon with S.attacks

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Blaze Kick: Good Move.
Stone Edge: YAY!
Sky Uppercut: YAY!
Swords Dance: Swords Dance. Then Speed Boost Works. Then Blaziken Sweeps:)

Lucario: YAY For The Beast Lucario(He Is The Special Tank).
Flash Cannon/Psychic: STAB Or Coverage.
Aura Sphere: AWESOME!
Calm Mind: Special Tank.
Dragon Pulse: No More Dragons.

Roopushin: The Physical Tank.
Bulk Up: Told Ya. Physical Tank.
Stone Edge: YAY!
Earthquake: YAY.
Drain Punch: 75 Base Power and Healing Now+ STAB. Not Bad!

Zuruzukin: Bulk.
Toxic: Bulk=Toxic User.
Ice Punch: Damn Dragons. DIE!
Drain Punch/Hi Jump Kick: Good.
Payback/Stone Edge: STAB or Coverage?

Machamp: Its Machamp.
Earthquake: Period.
Dynamic Punch: Period.
Stone Edge: Period.
Ice Punch: Those Damn Dragons Still Alive? Finish Them.

Heracross: BEAST!
Stone Edge: YAY!
Megahorn: YAY!
Close Combat: YAY!
Earthquake: .

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