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I like weavile


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Must Keep typin- hands Fall Off Must Type with Tongue and pass pokemaster!

Weavile: SWEEP!
Ice Punch: YAY!
Swords Dance: YEAH!
Night Slash: Yep!
Brick Break: Yes!

Baibanira: Special sweep
Ice Beam: STAB
Flash Cannon: Rock Weakness.
Body Purge: To Double Speed.
Water Pulse: Fire

Earthquake: YAY!
Stone Edge: Yes.
Avalanche: STAB!
Return/Toxic: YAy...

Lapras: Bulky!
Toxic: .
Surf: .
Ice beam: .
Swagger/Thunderbolt: .

Walrein: More Bulk, and Hp, and SA
Earthquake: .
Blizzard: Yeah
Hail: For Blizzard, adn Ice Body.
Crunch/Toxic/Signal Beam: Coverage or Toxic.

Furijio: Special Tank
Ice Beam: yay
Flash Cannon: Rock
Recover: To Recover
Toxic: To Damage.

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Weavile (Physical Sweeper)

Swords Dance (To raise it's already high speed and attack)

Aerial Ace (To deal with it's 4x weakness to fighting)

Hail (What is a better move than this for ice types?)

Dark Pulse (STAB, Awesome Power, Great Accuracy, best Dark Move!)
Glaceon (Special Sweeper and/or Physical Wall

Baton Pass (To use after Double Team)

Double Team (To use before Baton Pass)

Ice Fang (STAB, Good Power, OK accuracy, 10% chance of flinching and/or freezing)

Protect/Shadow Ball (Depends if Special Sweeper or Physical Wall)
Lapras (EV trained in Defence and Sp. Attack)

Ancient Power (Extreamly unexpected move for lapras!)

Sheer Cold (1 Hit KO move!)

Return/Fustration (Depends on Lapras' happiness)

Perish Song (Back-up for Sheer Cold)
Froslass (EV trained in Defence and Sp. Defence)

Attract (For protection against Males)

Destiny Bond (Great Move to use early)

Shadow Ball (STAB, Good power, Good Accuracy, 20% of lower the opponent's special defence)

Blizzard (STAB, awesome Power, Great Accuracy, 10% chance of freezing)

Sandstorm/Hail (Whichever you want)

Ice Fang (Same as above)

Stone Edge (Only for the high Critical hit ratio)

Earthquake (Awesome move)

Sheer Cold (1 hit KO!)

Mind Reader (Next Move garrented to hit...)

U-turn (For switching aswell as attacking)

Aerial Ace (Garrented to hit)

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Not Abomasnow, to many weaknesses....
First off, note that this was made 10 months ago, so there's not much point in trying to correct them.

Second, although he has a lot of weaknesses, he isn't used for his typing, he's used for his ability, which makes instant hail. That would be a wonderful asset to any Mono-Ice team.
Woah, i didnt see the One Month ago thingy O_O