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Same as last time

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Hammer Arm,
The obvious, Awesome Set!

Empoleon: All Right, its not the best, overall. But Its Typing is actually quite useful, so it'll be the nice steel type on the team:
Drill Peck: Fighting
Surf: STAB
Ice Beam: Dragons.
Flash Cannon/Toxic: Stab or Toxic as Empoleon is pretty Bulky.

Milotic: The Special Tank.
Ice Beam: Grass
Surf: STAB
Aqua Ring/Toxic: Healing or Damage.
Dragon Pulse/Confuse Ray: More Dragon Coverage, or Cnfuse Ray.

Gyrados: DUH!
Earthquake: YAY!
Waterfall: YAY!
Stone Edge: YAY!
Avalanche: YAY!

Blastoise: Bulk!
Ice Beam: Grass.
Surf/Boiling Water: STAB
Toxic: YAY!
Earthquake: YAY!

Politoad: Drizzle!!
Surf: YAY!
Ice Beam: YAY!
Toxic/Hypnosis: To Annoy.
Psychic: YAY!

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