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I just want to know..


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Do you mean when the Bad Egg hatches and breeds with another Pokemon, would the offspring be a Bad Egg?

Well, firstly, the only way to get a Bad Egg is through hacking.
Secondly, Bad Eggs never really hatch.
Thirdly, in the rare case a Bad Egg hatches, the game would automatically freeze.

So... yeah. I hope that answers your question, in one way or another. xD

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Uh oh......
What? :/
Is it ok to breed a pokemon that you stolen from a trainer?
dk sorry. probably though. THIEF! arrest her!
You stole a Pokemon? :O
ik rite! was it cynthia's spiritomb? i nearly got AR just for that.
Nooooooooooo!I didn't meen to! It was AR, I gotten too much power over it!!!
COOOOOL! Tell me how to steal things!