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I have grotle one starly a staeravia a geodude a luxio and a buizel.


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The team I would get with turtwig:

  • Turtwig: you already chose your starter

  • Shinx: strong, fast electric Pokemon

  • Starly/Zubat: depends on which flying type you prefer

  • Tentacool/Magikarp/Finneon/Goldeen: the selection of water types is outrageous

  • Houndour/Ponyta: your only two choices for a fire type before the national pokedex if you did not pick chimchar

  • Gible/Machop/HM Slave of choice: fill this spot however you would like

You would have to wait until about halfway through the main story line for tentacool and gible, but they are both very good Pokemon to go with turtwig. I gave base forms of the Pokemon so you can find them and where they are located. I hope I helped.

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