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I'm new to this very informative site. I recently bought Black 2 and haven't played Pokemon since emerald. I was hoping to get some solid suggestions on the last two members of my team. Please post movesets and any other info you can. It will much appreciated. The team I currently have (and do not want to change) is:

Calm Nature
Ability: Torrent
Aqua Tail
Aqua Jet
Water Pulse

Gentle Nature
Ability: Moxie
Brick Break
Hi Jump Kick
Chip Away

Hardy Nature
Ability: Sand Force
Hone Claws
Rock Slide

Impish Nature
Ability: Flame Body
Flame Burst
Shadow Claw

I am sure that most of my movesets are probably horrible. I'd appreciate any suggestions on that as well.

Thanks a bunch!

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Where in the game are u
Also it would be nice to have the movesets of your other pokemon
I am about to take on the 7th Gym Leader. I am looking to get good type coverage and movesets since so much has changed since I last played a pokemon game.
Can you at least add the current move set, nature, and ability? That would help a lot
I've updated my original posts to add move set, nature, and abilities. Thanks for the suggestion.
Your welcome!
I suggest not giving samurrot all water type moves. What if your opponent sends out a grass or electric type? If you choose to switch, the opponent will already start damaging the pokemon you switched out on.
What move set would you recommend instead given the team I have?

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Current team

Give Samurott Waterfall when you receive the HM, and Ice Beam when you get the TM; replace Aqua Tail and Water Pulse.
Suggested item: Leftovers

If you have enough shards, teach Scarfty Drain Punch via move tutor at Humilau (10 yellow shards) and Ice Punch at Driftveil (10 red shards). Replace Chip Away and either Brick Break or Hi-Jump Kick. I suggest you replace Hi-Jump Kick, because Scrafty is slow, so it's bound to take a hit or two before it can do anything, and it could potentially KO itself when missing with HJK.
Suggested item: Expert Belt

Excadrill looks good; I would go for Iron Head instead of Dig, since you already have E-quake, but that's just me. Later on, you'll need Strength, so you might want to give your Excadrill that.
Suggested item: Soft Sand/ Expert Belt

Give Chandelure Shadow Ball (by TM) instead of Shadow Claw. It's sp. Atk is massive, so make good use of that. Also replace Flame Burst with Flamethrower when you get the TM, and Psychic instead of Hex.
Suggested item: Shadow Tag

Your movesets aren't horrible, they just need a little shuffling. This is also in-game, meaning if you're high enough of a level, anything moveset/ Pokemon combination will work.


So the main thing right now is your Ground weakness; Excadrill and Chandelure. You also need a Flying type for HM Fly. You also have 2 Fighting weaknesses with Excarill and Scrafty, and while Chandelure is there to take Fighting hits, it'd be nice to have a back up in case Chandelure faints.

Ability: Big Pecks
Item: Rocky Helmet (or whatever else is available to you)
- Fly
- Punishment/ Foul Play
- Aerial Ace/ Brave Bird
- Toxic/ Roost

Mandibuzz has good bulk, a nice typing that makes it immune to 2 things, neutral to Bug and Fighting, and 3 resistances.

Mandibuzz is available every Thursday on Route 4 in your game, but always has Weak Armour. Vullaby can be found on Route 23. If you need something with Fly desperately, I suggest get a Ducklett from Driftveil and use that until you get a Mandibuzz/ Vullaby.

Thinking about it now, you haven't really got something that's super effective against water. Even if you TM'd Chandelure Energy Ball, it's still weak to water types, meaning it'll take a dent in a battle.

Ability: Compound Eyes
Item: Wide Lens
- Thunder
- Bug Buzz
- Volt Switch
- Energy Ball/ Giga Drain (Giga Drain is move tutor move)

The unique Bug/Electric typing means it only has 2 weaknesses (Rock and Fire) and 4 resistances. Compoundeyes will boost its accuracy by 30%, meaning Thunder's accuracy is now 91% instead of 70%, allowing Galvantula to use that move without Rain. Give Wide Lens if you want Thunder to be 100%.

You can catch a Joltik with Compoundeyes in Chargestone cave (it's pretty easy, since the other ability it could have is Unnerve, and that always triggers a message just as you encounter the Joltik. If there's no message, it's ability is Compoundeyes).

However, Galvantula will be adding another Rock weakness to your team, and if you choose Mandibuzz, half your team will have a Rock weakness. I just thought Excadrill and Scrafty can take Rock hits, so that's why I suggested Galvantula.


B2W2 TM list

B2W2 Move Tutors

Item locations</a


Ability: Inner Focus
Item: nothing!
- Fly
- Acrobatics
- X-Scissor
- Haze/ Roost

NB: no item because Acrobatic's power doubles when the Pokemon is not holding an item. Fly isn't a good battle move

Ability: Chlorophyll
Item: Miracle Seed
- Giga Drain
- Sleep Powder
- Brick Break
- Wring Out

Wring Out is a pretty useful move at the beginning of the battle (since its power is higher if your opponent's HP is higher).

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Thanks for all this great information. If half my team had a rock weakness, would I be in much danger? Say if I added Crobat and Galvantula? If so, what do you think about Crobat and Tangrowth instead?
I was actually going to suggest Crobat; I didn't because I thought it couldn't learn Fly (turns out it can after a check). I also don't think that you would face too much of a difficulty with the rock weakness except when facing Marshall at the E4. Nearly all his fighting Pokemon carry Rock moves.

I would go Crobat + Tangrowth, though Tangrowth/ Tangela don't turn up until relatively late in the game.
Great! I think I'll go with Crobat and Tangrowth as I can catch a Tangela already on Route 13. Could you recommend a move set for each that will synergize well with your other suggested move set for my original four pokemon? Thanks so much. You have been very helpful!
Edited for Crobat & Tangrowth sets; Haze is just because Crobat has a pretty small movepool. Poison doesn't cover anything except grass, so might as well just use its flying moves instead.
Brilliant! Thanks so much Fondant! You've been a big help!
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You dont have a normal or flying type so you can put in braviary (normal/flying)
You can catch rufflet his first form at route 23

You can also put in Rotom's refrigerator form (ice/electiric)
you can get rotom's normal form from a lady on route 15 (she gives it to you for a ditto)
Go to shopping mall 9 on route 9 and go in the door on far right and go to one of the boxes and hit A on it and you can change rotom's form ( he has 5 forms)

Rufflet is white 2 exclusive.
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I have a couple Pokemon who I think will fit those spots well.

Sigilyph @ Leftovers/Any berry you think will help
Trait: Wonder Skin/Magic Guard
Timid/Modest Nature (Preferably)
- Psychic
- Air Slash
- Ice Beam
- Shadow Ball

I chose Sigilyph for this part for a few reasons. One was that it has fantastic in-game stats. Nice special attack and speed are very helpful as battling in-game is all about hitting as hard as you can and as fast as you can. Sigilyph also can hit the the dragons in the next gym hard with Ice Beam. This one probably matters the least, but it also provides a resistance to fighting and an immunity to ground, both of which used to threaten your team, being common attack types. Sigilyph can be caught at desert resort.

Sawsbuck @ Lefties/Berry
Trait: Sap Sipper/Chlorophyll
Jolly/Adamant Nature
- Horn Leech
- Megahorn/Jump Kick
- Wild Charge
- Return/Double Edge

This guy is awsome. Sporting high attack and speed this guy fills a similar roll to Sigilyph, but physical. This guy gets decent coverage between his 4 moves, something that is great to have. Again, my competitive instincts are kicking in, and he gives decent synergy to the team :P Deerling can be caught at route 6 in regular grass.

Hope I helped you improve your team :)

Thanks for the detailed suggestion. I updated my original post to add more info on the 4 pokemon I already have on my team if this helps.
With your suggestions half my team would have a weakness to Fight. Is that a big concern?
Crobat has a x4 resistance so it can take them pretty well.