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So I just got a second hand copy of Diamond, and found a Mew in the PC of the former game.

Level 3
Caught in: Master Ball
Ability: Synchronise
Rash Nature
Jul. 19, 2007
Arrived at Level 3
Strong Willed (likes dry food)

Moves: Pound

Since I rarely trade event Pokemon like Mew, I thought I'd ask, but I doubt it's legit.

I'd keep it anyway, personally. If it's still there it probably won't hurt the game and you get a free Mew you can trade to someone who doesn't mind a hacked Pokemon.

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Not legit. The lowest level possible for Mew in Diamond legitimately is level 30, which is the Mew received from the Faraway Island in Emerald, which is not possible anyway seeing as it was found in Kanto. So the only way it could have been from Kanto is if it was traded from HG/SS which has no legit Mew encounter-able.

The fact it is caught in a Master Ball makes this even more obvious as most people who hack or use cheats to obtain Pokemon use Master Balls. Also, Pound is legit at level 3, however Mew should also know Reflect Type and Transform at that level, so a Mew without those moves at level 3 is not legit if you do not count the move deleter.

Thanks! I guessed it wasn't, but was sure of it when I saw a Deoxys and two other Mew in the later PCs lol.
No problem. Most legendary Pokemon at a low level like that aren't legit (obviously excluding Regigigas and D/P/Pt trio), so that Mew looked illegal as soon as I saw it.
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It says it's from kanto.... nononono thats not legit, the mew wasnt that low of a level in FR or LG so its not legit.