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I got a shiny Charizard and I don't know if it is hacked?

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The Charizard I got was this on:

Lvl. 42

Nature: Mild

HP - 121
Atk - 80
Def - 67
Sp. Atk - 114
Sp. Def -76
Speed - 97

And it was got from a pokeball

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1 Answer

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I'd say it's absolutely legit. I checked on Showdown if those stats are possible, and they are. What also convinced me is that from testing the stats, it doesn't have perfect IVs, which hacked Pokemon normally have. More evidence is that a lot of people put their hacked Pokemon in rare Pokeballs.

Hope I helped! :)

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Thank you very much. Now I'm sure I'm gonna train him. I was afraid of it being hacked, but since it is not I1m verry happy. (: