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I've been working on completing the Pokedex in each generation and I just don't understand why they made it so you couldn't get the legendaries in game without certain items and events. Can anyone shed some light on this!?


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The reason for event legendaries is so you don't become overpowered in the game just by getting something like Genesect or Keldeo half way through your game play and proceed to devastate all the trainers, gyms, E4 and Champion.

There's a reason why Pokemon like Keldeo are banned from the PWT, simply because they're too overpowered (look at Keldeo's sp. atk stat). I know that Reshiram and Zekrom are really strong too, but their the title/ cover Pokemon for Gen V so they have to be available in-game. Gamefreak have got to at least throw us a bone or two in terms of obtainable legendaries.

Additionally, there's also the "special" element to these event legendaries, hence why they're in Cherish Balls. If everyone could just catch every legendary in every game, what's so special about them anymore? Pokemon such as Mew, Jirachi, Celebi and Victini are incredibly popular in terms of design and usage. They're cute and they pack a punch in battle. That's why they're rare event only Pokemon, in order to promote people to participate more actively in the franchise, promote trading with each other and (probably) to stop you from just restarting your game and getting all the legendaries again.

Also, all Pokedex completion in Gen V does not need any event Pokemon to make it complete. You don't need Meloetta, Keldeo, Genesect etc. to complete your dex.

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Thanks! I get it now. I've been working on 3rd gen. at the moment and I have no means of getting Jirachi or Deoxys without hacking or cheating, so idk what to do. And I get that you may not need to have all the event legendaries to have a completed pokedex, but me personally, I would prefer if I could obtain all of the event legendaries too. It just bugs me a bit, but thanks for the response
You can always trade (or wait for another event hahahah), but trading usually means a non-legit Pokemon, or at the very least a cloned original.
Yeah, and that's why I want to go and get them myself and especially after reading everything on this site. The last I want is a hacked/non-legit pokemon that can potentially screw with my games
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My answer is really simple: Money
Why do I say money? Event Pokemon are usually always thrown in very early, most of the time you can only get the event Pokemon when you buy the game within 2 months of it's release. Many people buy the game in great number usually for the fun but also to be able to get the event Pokemon while it is still possible since event Pokemon are usually "cool" and "rare".
When this happens in great mass they gain a lot of money, so money definitely plays a notable role in this.