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Note that this will be ingame. I am planning to get:

Typhlosion: Flamethrower, Thunderpunch, Earthquake, Roar

Tyranitar: Rock Slide, Surf, Earthquake, Crunch

Gengar: Thunderbolt, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Giga Drain

Skarmory: Fly, Steel Wing, Toxic, Thief

Machamp: Cross Chop, Curse, Earthquake, Rock Slide

Snorlax: Rest, Sleep Talk, Double-Edg, Earthquake

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Asking for opinion.
I am guessing there was no stone edge back then

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Ive Only got one thing to say, nice team overall, but ROAR ON TYPHLOSION???
No, No, No, No.
Replace it With Quick Attack or Return Immediately.
Or As Dt Did, Dynamic Punch Might Be Good too.
Thats All I Have To Say, GREAT TEAM!