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Two pairs of Generation I Pokémon share the same cry, despite not
being related by evolution. These are:

Charizard and Rhyhorn
>Poliwag and Ditto

This is the source information

Wartortle, Tauros, and Crobat
Rhydon and Magmar
Machop and Omanyte
Machamp and Slowbro
Vileplume and Aerodactyl
Delibird and Lugia
Caterpie and Goldeen
Porygon2 and Girafarig
Dustox and Grotle
Torchic and Bonsly
Mew and Paras
kyurem and bisharp
Mewtwo and Parasect

For this one, this is the source information.

Hope this information help you.

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Mewtwo and Parasect are in the second source... read all the posts before assuming you got all of them.
It should also be noted that Kyurem adopts similar cries to those of either Reshiram in its white form or Zekrom in its black form
That's why I gave you the website link, so you can check yourself and not only count from my answer. Got it memorize?