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Say a Cherrim uses Helping Hand on a Typhlosion. But before Typhlosion gets to use a move, Cherrim faints, or falls asleep. Would Helping Hand no longer have an effect on Typhlosion's move?

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Yes. Sadly it does.

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I'm actually not sure about this but the description of Helping Hand is;
Helping Hand is an increased priority move that will raise the base power of the adjacent ally's move in a Double Battle and Triple Battle by 50%. It will fail if used in a Single Battle. It will also fail if the partner has already used Helping Hand that round in Double Battles but will stack in Triple Battles.

The only stated conditions of failure are in a single battle or attempting to stack on the same Pokemon in a doubles battle.
This means in theory it would be fine if Cherrim used helping hand and then fainted/statused it would still work as long as Typhlosion didn't get killed. Since Cherrim used it before.

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Helping hand wears off after the turn is over. Sorry :(

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??????? Three different answers?
raph was probably referring to the act helping hand's affect ends at the end of the turn. irrelavent XD
And i commented a link on my answer about a similar question ;o